Monday, February 6, 2017

The spiritual life

The spiritual life is a life in full conscience

The spirituality is the life such as it must be lived.
It is not reserved for an elite
and requires no particular competence.
Nevertheless it is necessary to face the facts
that the majority of the humanity
is not living a life of harmony and Peace.

The fact of believing in God, in a religion is not a criterion of spirituality. By the people who have a religion, there are people who are spiritual and others who are not. The intolerant extremists, full of hatred are not spiritual people.



" The spiritual life is a life spent in full conscience respecting all the parts of us:
the body, the mental and the soul ".
[Yoganand, alias josé]

The spiritual life is not in addition

We don’t let enter the spirituality into our existence,
we let our existence enter into the spirituality,
so it becomes fully spiritual.
But it is not necessary to give up whatever it is,
to live an exclusive asceticism.

"A life without Conscience is a day without light "
[Bhaktimàrga 1-3-3]

Nevertheless, if your existence consists in injecting you toxins, tearing away the necklaces of the ladies, a change of life wouldn’t be a pity ! But if you work, you have a family and friends, it is not necessary to resign nor to leave your close friends without news.

The Conscience

The Conscience named the couple formed by the soul and the ego. It is your real identity. Even if the mind also defines you, through the personality and the souvenirs. You are also this body as long as the soul is embodied there.

It is necessary to specify that the words ego and mind
designate nothing negative:
the ego is this principle which individualizes the soul
so that it can say I.
This faculty makes the Conscience.
The mind is the intelligence and the memory
whose head office is the brain.
The intelligence is useful.
But it is necessary to keep it under control.

"The soul comes from One the Grace gives it flesh by the ego
Offered in present so that the body has a conscience"
[Bhaktimàrga 1-2-12]

Each living being is alive, this tautology to express that life is well the common denominator of every living being, what unite them. This life is not a concept, something virtual, of philosophic: this life is a reality and it is energy.

Who does live this life ?

In putting your Conscience inside, by an appropriate practice, it is possible to deepen it. To do that, there are four particular techniques revealed to those who ask for it. They are techniques of Meditation. Some are practised in sitting, others while doing all that we have to do.

In some the spirituality aims to cause confusion. They slice the human being and rank them and even bring them in opposition. So all what is physical will be considered incompatible with the spirituality. They put in this slice the human body, its desires and its needs: the food, the sex, the pleasures, the comfort.

These material things will be grouped under the word Màyà, that is the illusion. Some upholders of the esotericism count more than ten different slices. There will be a causal body, an etheric body, an astral etc.

The body and the mind are essential

All the various parts which make you up have their utility and proceed of the same creator. The physical body is the temple of the soul and the spiritual life is made with and by it. Without it no life. It is necessary to respect it and to treat it respectfully and with love. As for the world, it is the creation of God and a Grace. The illusion is not in what we see but in the look that sees. 

"The sight in conscience sees One in everything,
The one of the illusion sees only the forms"
[Bhaktimàrga 1-1-5]

Do not neglect the intelligence. Some consider the thought as a parasite of the Meditation. It is true in the deep Meditation, dhyana, but it has its utility on a daily basis. Others put it on a pedestal. These last one spend their life to study the mysteries of the esotericism. For them the knowledge of God passes by the knowledge taken from the scriptures.

Everything in its place

You should neglect no component that makes you up, the body, the mind and the soul, but each part has to stay in its place and act in its field of expertise and Knowledge is not learned-knowledge.