Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The freedom

The freedom explained in this text is the one of the soul, the Conscience when it is not any more submitted to the mind's fluctuations, to the thoughts. The word yoga meant for a very long time "freedom", "liberation" before meaning "union" "unity"("unit"). It is what this text explains.

This text is, truly, a Satsang given by sri Hans yoganand, in the ashram nandi-àlaya. It is published like an explanatory text on this blog, instead of being published as Satsang on the blog “Observance” because its explanations are welcomes here.

The Agya is a toolbox and the tools are its content, the three practices: the Duty, the Satsang and the Meditation. My teaching being contained in the Satsang. 

''The Agya is Duty, Satsang and Meditation '' 
[Bhaktimàrga 2-2-13]

This toolbox, what purpose does it serve ? It is used to reach the goal, the finality of the path of freedom. Freedom? Which freedom? The freedom of living happy, without the suffering, the confusion of a mind out of control and, in the long term, the Liberation of the incarnation chains.
Regarding the Liberation of the reincarnation chains, it is a little theoretical, all that, for you right now: you do not remember your last lives (what would not have immediate interest) and you cannot guess your possible next existence. 


Living is today
The only existence which should matter for you is the one you live now. In this life, the Freedom is not to be not reincarnated any more. Because as to be not reincarnated more, it is necessary first to die and I hope that to die is not your principal goal, in the life.

Thus the path of Freedom deals with a useful Freedom today, for you, in this existence. This path leads not only to the Freedom (that of the Liberation) but it gives a beautiful freedom at the same time as you go there, today, it is as for a pilgrimage: 

the pilgrim is happy to walk, 
to arrive is not the principal goal of the pilgrimage. 

The path, its practice (the Observance) set you free from your chains. Your chains connect you, they hold you motionless, captive. What these chains do hold you captive with ? With the illusion, the vanity, the suffering, the darkness.

What does that mean being captive of the darkness? To be a prisoner of the darkness means to be a prisoner of the ignorance. What is the ignorance? It is the ignorance of what ? It is the absence of Knowledge. What is this Knowledge? It is the Knowledge of God, a nontheoretical Knowledge, an intimate Knowledge of His Grace, His Light, His Holy-Name.

The path of yoga
The path of freedom is the path of yoga
The word yoga meant “freedom'' for very a long time, 
before meaning “union”, 
around the eighth century of our era 
under the influence of a wandering monk : Adi Shankara.
The Freedom of yoga let you get rid of your chains,
of the chains which hold you attached 
to the suffering of the ignorance darkness. 
When your soul evolves, 
it starts to remember the “lost paradise”, 
the Kingdom from where it is stemed 
and this memory plunges it in the suffering 
because it doesn’t know how to go back there, 
because of the ignorance. 


The soul that suffers is sufficiently evolved to realize that it misses something but not enough to be able to know what exactly nor how to find what it misses. The purpose of original-yoga, the path, its guide is precisely that one: to show what misses and how to make so that it does not miss any more.
The soul starts to leave its torpor, to wake up (not to confuse with the awakening, which is something else yet) and to suffer. An unconscious soul does not suffer. The carrier of a young soul is satisfied with the pleasure of living, when it is in position to do it, it doesn’t care of the rest. 


Sad acknowledgement

Around 45 and 60 years, the seeker often makes the sad acknowledgement that all what he lived, up to now, did not make him happy… and this acknowledgement is despairing, when the answer is not known, the solution to cure it. But it is necessary to pass by this stage to ask the good questions and to be able to hear the good answer. You make then a return on yourself. You are a loser, you do not have a Rolex, not more than any suits for 2000 dollars, you are jobless, divorced and you are scrambling just to survive. You wonder then if you are really a bummer. The world tells you “yes”, that you are losing, a social case, “thoothless” and that you wasted your life and I do tell you: '' come to me the bummer ones! '' God loves you!


You are perhaps a bummer to fight in a obscurantist society where the greatest value is the financial success, the force, the possession but you are not a bummer to love nor to be loved but the Love that you need will never come from people who live captive of the illusion and who are satisfied with.

You were not born to earn money, to vote, to reproduce you and to buy you a watch, a suit, a house, a car. You are better than that. Let me prove it to you.

The Agya is really the toolbox to free you, to achieve your goal. The three tools which it contains, the Duty, the Satsang and the Meditation have the utility to hold you the more centered as possible from the waking up till the going to bed. The fact of remaining as centered as possible allows you to replace your Conscience at the good place, allows you to identify you with the good person and this good person is you, your soul, not your mind, your thoughts nor your feelings. 

The attachment is made with burning and endless desires 
Which chain you to the fruits of your acts “ 
[Bhaktimàrga 1-2-32]

With the three tools of the Agya you have what the necessary to remain master, as far as possible, of your moods.

The free-will
You have always the free-will to do it or not to do it. The free-will is still a complicated thing of because there is something in you who does not like what is simple, luminous, which does not like peace. This thing is your inertia, your laziness, this trend of the human being to go towards what is most obvious, coarsest, most immediately gratifying. Because of this same thing, the false-ego, that many people prefers the fat, salt, sugar, alcohol, the tobacco than salad, water, the boulgour and the tofu ! 


Bhakti without freedom would be obligation
 [Bhaktimàrga 2-6-5]

A true spiritual-master will never force your free-will. Then ? How should you do to observe the Agya without failing too often ? How should you do, once you asked for and then received the four techniques of the original-yoga, to practise regularly ? You must be convinced of the utility to do it. How to be convinced, before having some evidences ? By propaganda ! Propaganda, here, is the Satsang. The Satsang can give you the desire for practising. It is one of its utilities.

Caution: the Satsang, which is company of the Truth, can be given only by somebody which knows it, this Truth. How should you do to know if the person who gives Satsang knows the Truth? You recognize a tree to its fruits.