Saturday, April 22, 2017

Evil, reality or illusion?

Does the evil exist in fact or is it only a fantasy ? Do the religions, the morals, the customs and habits and the law say what is bad and is the evil the same thing as what is bad in comparison with all these actors of morals? Our answer:

Evil, reality or illusion?

The fight of the good and the evil

Those who have in heart to do the good, often feel that a fight exists between the good and the evil. This concept of good and evil is sometimes a little fuzzy and the proponents of the religions do not have problems to define it. Indeed the three great religions monotheists, known as of the book, the Judaism, the Chistiansim and the Islam have a turn-key definition good and evil.

The Tablets of the Law, the hadiths, the christian moral frame the believer avoiding him to have doubts without answers. Others see the world like battlefields between the good: God, saints, archangels, angels, the virtue, love, life, and evil: Satan, demons, the defect, the hatred, the death. 

''The man speaks about the good and about the evil
But without Conscience the words are vain '' 
[Bhaktimàrga 1-4-1]


There are those which choose the camp of the good and seek to be submitted to God and there are those which opt for the evil deliberately, dedicating worships with the sulfurous chief of the hells. Between these two extreme camps there is the mass of those who the moral leaves in a fairly good life and who the doubt pushes to enjoy pleasures that the saints always avoided as the plague.


However the evil as an entity does not have an existence. 
The sad, cruel, detrimental events exist, 
like the suffering, but they are not due 
to a malignant will 
incarnated in a representative guardian. 


The darkness would be the kingdom of the evil, the Light that of the good, the sky and the hell. The Light exists but does the darkness exist? On a scientific, objective and phenomenal level it is possible to define and observe the light:

''The light is the whole of the visible electromagnetic waves by the human eye, that is understood in wavelengths of 380 Nm (purple) to 780 Nm (red) '' [Wikipédia].

It is made up of photons. But there is a lighting Light which has all appearances of these floods of undulating photons that the physicists name light, but is it made up of photons? The photons do not emit joy, except for that gotten by the melatonin, whereas that which shines inside you, and which it is possible to observe thanks to a dedicated technique of meditation, causes a happiness, an intense inner joy.

What is the darkness made of ?


But the darkness, what is it made of ?
In fact the darkness is the absence of Light 
but we cannot say the Light is the absence of darkness. 


If you are in darkness, at the bottom of a cellar without openings, and that you have a match, rub it and as soon as it ignites darkness will disappear. Oh! it will not be Versailles and that will last only the time of the match, but darkness will not exist any more during this period of time. There will be well shade beyond the sphere which the flame lights, but darkness not.


When you are in the darkness it is better not to move, to remain motionless because any displacement can cause an accident: you can run up against an invisible obstacle and fall dangerously or strike you the head against one of the four walls or fall at the bottom of a hole.

The darkness is perhaps only the absence of Light, undoubtedly it doesn’t have an own existence, but the bump with the face caused by its brutal and unexpected meeting with a wall has a painful reality.

Thus if darkness does not exist, 
the consequences of darkness exist. 
The evil is the consequence of a lack, 
the lack of Conscience. 


Lumière et puis noir, Dieu est, le diable aussi.
Il a tant de pouvoirs mais pourtant il n'est rien;
L'absence du Divin, les ténèbres et voici,
l'étincelle venue, disparu il n'est rien !

Light and then black, God are, the devil too.
It has so many powers but however it is nothing;
The absence of Divine, darkness and here,
the coming spark, disappeared it is nothing!

Les ténèbres ne sont qu'absence de lumière.
Ils nous perdent pourtant, par eux on oublie tout.
Pourquoi notre venue, cette cause première?
Quand on ne voit pas Dieu on crée un manitou.

Darkness is only absence of light.
They however lose us, by them one forgets all.
Why our arrival, this main cause?
When God is not seen a Manitoban is created.

From the Maha Rahas