Saturday, April 29, 2017

The source of the sufferings

This text says what is the origin of the sufferings without objective causes. Sometimes some people live a terrible malaise whose cause they do not know. This text explains this fundamental cause and proposes a remedy. It speaks about a misidentified fundamental need.

The solution should be found elsewhere

It happens that you are confronted with some difficulties, with many problems and some people seek a solution to each encountered problem. This pragmatic approach is valid if the problems are factual: is a tire of your car burst ? You assemble the spare wheel or use the repair bomb. Doesn't your remote control function any more? You change the batteries. Are you with overdraft? You negotiate this overdraft or borrow from a relative, friend or acquaintance.

But if the source of your problem is unknown,
that no solution is on a material plan 
and that your life is negatively impacted 
it will be necessary to seek the solution elsewhere.

The suffering is one and indivisible, 
it has only one source

The dissatisfaction, the frustration, the tyrannical desires, the existential doubts, the fear of death, the feeling of uselessness, of mediocrity, the lack of love, real or supposed, have all the same origin and there is no point of seeking a solution to each one of these moods. It is a waste of time. The suffering is one and indivisible, it has only one source.

''The suffering doesn’t exist any more 
For the one who is touched by the Grace become serene his Conscience clears up '' 
[Bhaktimàrga 2-7-25]

Imagine a bad smell in your house… you put incenses in each room, you clean the ground but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. The solution is to find the origin of this bad smell.

One day, a very unpleasant odor reigned in my house and I pulverized products supposed to kill the odors, in vain. I cleaned the ground with soap, in vain. I lit incenses, in vain.

Then , finally I made it differently: I opened my nostrils into large and concentrated myself… “You are hot, you are cool…”.  Finally I arrived in the kitchen, to the rack with vegetables. I excavated the potato net and found there one of these tubers which had rotted. It stank terribly. I got rid of it and my house found a pleasant atmosphere. The mental anguish often has only one and the same origin.

The ceaseless race with acquisitions 
does not bring satisfaction

The solution I know it and invites you to know it too. In you there is the nostalgia of a state known in the past, which started as of your birth and continued, in childhood to leave you with the age of wisdom, or rather it is your attention which left this state.

The race where the society of the human beeings launches you 
will not bring you satisfaction nor Peace. 
A fundamental need requires something of fundamental to be satisfied.

The path offers you a means of knowing the source of satisfaction, the happiness of the moment. It is the Agya: a daily practice that each one will adapt to its life. To know this Agya it should be asked for.

''Seek, you will find and knock, one will open to you ask and one will give you,
 the beggar has to beg ''
[Bhaktimàrga 2-7-7]