Tuesday, April 4, 2017

You are your Conscience

When you say "I", about whom do you speak? Here is a clarification of who we are during this existence by holding in account all our components. It is about soul. 

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You are your Conscience

You are your Conscience. It sees through your eyes. It hears through your ears. There are the Conscience and the awareness: there is the one of the mind, which allow to be aware of the weather, of what you have to do, of the passing time and the Conscience, another word to say the soul. It is your fundamental identity. Your are your Conscience.

''The soul is Conscience among the cohort of the beings on the way back ''
[Bhaktimàrga 1-2-11]

The soul is not definitively attached to the body, 
it is of divine essence. 
If the soul is of divine esssence, it is not God. 
A drop of the ocean water is not the ocean. 
A not incarnated soul does not have Conscience. 
What makes the soul, once incarnated have a Conscience? 
The ego has been added to it.
 It allows the soul to be aware of itself 
and to be able to say “I” 
at the same time as to have the free-will. 

''The soul comes from One, the Grace gives it flesh, by the ego offered in present,
so that the body has a conscience '' 
[Bhaktimàrga 1-2-12]

Either the ego nor the mind are your enemies 

Some people regard the ego and the mind as the enemies of the soul. They are mistaken. The mind is the operating system of the brain, the seat of the memory, the intelligence and the sensitivity. The ego is the mandatory component of the incarnation and of the Conscience of the soul. The incarnation is a blessing, a Grace.


It would be possible to break up the human being, to simplify, in four elements: the soul, the ego, the body and the mind. The mind is the product of the brain dieyng away with the body. With it the personality and the memory disappear.


Every coin hat two sides and the ego has also its other side, the false-ego. This false-ego cannot consider the spiritual dimension. It could be named the vanity. But the false-ego is part of the equation, of God’s Lilà. It takes part of the necessary duality.