Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The original-yoga

The path of freedom is ancient and nevertheless almost nobody, in the West, knows it. If the path is ancient, the name is recent for the western ears. It was given to the path to differentiate it of spiritualities referring to the same origin but from which the practices are different, as the yoga (s) of Trimàrga.

The path is not the assembly of diverse things taken here and there. The raja-yoga, created from the yogasûtra of Patanjali, is close to the path, in its essence, but in its practice it is very different, that is why we didn’t take this name that would have suited us.

In India our path is followed by some ashrams, but they don’t give it a name. They say the path [màrga], simply or the Knowledge (Veda). Sant-mat, Radhasoami, particular spiritual currents live related practices. None is as complete like the path's Sàdhana, Agya, and its four revealed techniques.

This path of freedom or knowledge exists in India for avery long time but is unknown in the West. We find mention in very serious books, published in English and drafted by specialists of the former spiritualities and in certain blogs. It gave birth to the Sàmkhya's school, that of the Yogasutra and puts forward the revealed Knowledge or Shruti.

This original-yoga owes it to itself to be shared with all those who wish for more Peace, simplicity and the Truth in their life.

What makes the path is not so much its four revealed techniques and its sàdhana, Agya. It rests on three feet: the Duty, the Satsang and the Meditation. The teaching of the living guide is delivered through Satsang.

It is this Agya that let the path be a global yoga, a spiritual path of life able to cover all the the day from waking up to going to sleep.