Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The name of God

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In the holy books, it is often spoken about the Word of God,
the Name of God, the Verb, the Holy-Spirit, 
the Holy-Name, Satnam, Te etc. 
There are different names for the same principle.

If you remain in my Word, you will truly be my disciples,
then you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free"
[John 8, 31-1]

The purpose of the path is to let you know intimately, this Word, this Verb, this Name of God that cannot be pronouced nor written but that it is possible to listen to providing to know what and how to listen. " if you stay in my Word…" from the John’s gospel means to stay aware of this name that prounces alone. It is the purpose of our Sadhàna, the Agya.

The Agya: Duty/Satsang/meditation

Why do the practionners of the path, the chela and the premie are attached to remain in this Word ? Not because they have to but because they like it. It is not more complicated like that. We could gloss all the days long, like the pharisers, the masters of the faith did, but no, that would be lost of time for what you like the most : to stay in this Word, this Holy-Name, this Verb.

"The Holy-Name cannot be said, to listen to It is entering the Kingdom "

In the begenning was the Word, and the Word was with God, 
and the Word was God. " 
[John ch. 1]

If you haven’t recieved the Revelation of the path, I will give you a simple manner to feel the Holy-Name : go in a calm place, a windy day, lay on the grass and close the eyes… the wind will let the leaves of trees whispering, of the poplars, aspens would be perfect, in the spring, you will hear the birds singing, lean back, relax.

After a while, you will feel something, in the chest, the thymus : a feeling of a particular Peace, joyce, serenity and fulfillment… this is the effect of the Holy-Name when you let go. Do you know this feeling ? Of course, everybody knows it ! It is the happiness.

We feel it too when we love somebody, a child for example. This particular feeling is inside you all the time and similar for every human being. You don’t feel it always, because of your absent-mindedness and because you don’t give it all the attention it deserves not knowing the importance.

You believe maybe that it is only a feeling of satisfaction, of love that an object, a person gives you, that it is a hormonal reward and even if ! The body is the temple of God. But in Truth, this feeling is there all the time. You are not paying attention to it.

The practice of the path aimes to allow this feeling by the appropriate techniques. When we feel the Holy-Name, no word is usefull : you just need to feel, to be happy and to remain it.

If you remain in my Word, you will truly be my disciples,
then you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free. "
[John 8, 31-1]

The truth is this Holy-Name and it sets you free, free of the suffering, of the confusion and of the doubt. Come if you are fancy it, know that nobody will go for you :

" Ask and it will be given to you ; seek and you will find ;
knock and the door will be opened to you ".
[Matthew 7 :7]

The Christ knew this Name of God, this Word, this Verb 
and he practiced a " prayer " that was, in fact, 
the meditation taught on the path.

Monday, January 23, 2017

What is the yoga

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What is the yoga

The yoga is a state of consciousness reached when the mind is at rest, this word « yoga » has been given, by extension, to the spiritual practices aimed to gather the dispersed Conscience into its own center. 

Putting people in boxes

A person appears in the eye of an other firstly with his physical aspect. Then his clothes, then the intonation of his voice and his eyes, his movements and postures. The spotters of certain luxury shops or hotels have quickly an opinion about somebody according to his shoes, his hands, his hair, his clothes and his general appearance.


But to define somebody only with these criteria would be too reducing and wrong. A person is not only defined through his physical appearance. What makes a person, except his body, is his spirit [or mind]. The mind is very complex and difficult to describe. In the mind are the drivers in order to let work the major systems in the body. There are the storage places for the short and medium-term memories where are all our existence, our friends, the traumatizing and fundamental events that happened, all what we learned at school and in the life, our personality, how to do bike, swim etc.


There is the soul too 

Some others think, there is a soul too that would be our true self. It would be the one who doesn't change from our birth till our death. So the child we have been, then the pre-teenager, the teenager, the young boy/girl, the middle-age man/woman and the older man/woman would be one and the same person, only the body and the mind change. The soul would remain the same from the beginning to the end of the existence and would identify us beyond the appearances and the circumstances.

The ego 
But inside us are not only the soul and the mind :
there is also the ego.
It is not the enemy that some believe.
It has been given to the soul in order for it to be conscious of itself,
to be able to say ''I'' and also ''yes'' and ''no''
in order for it to have the free-will.
The united soul and ego constitutes the Witness or Conscience.
The villain, the vainglorious is the false-ego :
and yet : it is not there for nothing.
And it is only the absence of right Conscience.

The soul is bound to the ego like the moss and the seaweed are bound to bild the lichen, each one is usefull for the other one and both are merged in a single being.


The yoga (as practice) is firstly a way of living in entirety with the body, the spirit and the soul in full awareness. If you look after yoga in Internet, you will find a lot. This name has been given to all kind of practices beginning from the deepest mysticism to the trendy fitness exercise. 

The original-yoga is not a yoga 
as understand in our area, in the West.
It is firstly a way of life 
putting the Conscience at the first place.

The yoga is to be one in our center 
The word yoga [pronounced : youga] : before the eighth century of our time, this word meant freedom, liberation, rest (according to the grammarians)  but since a wandering monk, Adi Shankara1 in the eighth century, it means union, unity of the soul and God, for some and for others : of the Conscience and the Peace that we have inside us.

Yes : we have a center inside us and there is the Peace. Outside, everything is moving, turning, separating, mixing up, slipping. In this center, nothing is moving, everything is always same, peaceful and safe like the wheel axis that rotates continually. Go away from the center and you will be outweighed by the centrifugal force. The more you will go away, the greater the force that outweighs you will be.

The yoga is the gathering of the dispersed Conscience. When it reassembles around its ''kernel'', the perception of the life, of the world is clear. It is also the resting of the mind. Don’t forget the sanskrit root of the word « yoga » means “rest”.

It happened, it happens and it will happen you to be in this peaceful center. In the course of an activity that requires all your attention, you had some of these privileged moments where you have been in peace, calm, happy. You felt then a feeling of fulfillment that made you happy. That is why some people prefer this kind of activities, the ones that require all their attention.

"The union it is to become detached from the thoughts 
By remaining aware of the Holy-Name in its chest
[Bhaktimàrga 2-5-35]

The in-depth practice of a spirituality frightens, sometimes, so much it looks like a religion. The path is not a religion and it is aimed to everybody as long as you are thirsty of Truth and Peace. 

1/ Adi Shankara : one of the most famous spiritual master claiming by the Hinduism, even if he was closer to the Vedism, via the yoga. His master was Govindanàtha and the master of Govindanàtha was Gaudapàda. The master of Gaudapàda was Patanjali (not the sanskrit grammarian but the master crafttsman of the Yogasûtra, the initiator of its redaction. The original-yoga recognize itself in this spiritual lineage and produced its own translation of the Yogasûtra.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Ambassadors of the happiness

A so simple happiness

In the life, somebody who is interested in spirituality, 
even if he has a good will 
cannot decide to become humble, for example, and become it. 
The things are done in the right order. 
First you see the depth of you Consciousness increase, 
then the result is humility. 

It is possible to try hard to be modest, either of self-interest or of moral hygiene purposes, but humility is something else. In order to feel small, it is necessary to have met something that is bigger than us !

It is like detachment...you know, the detachment that people attracted by a true spirituality are looking for. But in order to be detached, it is necessary to let go before. You cannot detach youself without letting go. The things as the changes are done in a certain order. It is the same for the understanding, it comes from the depth not directly from the mind.

The ember of your Consiousness

Your Consciousness is like 
an ember nearly to go out 
and the sincerly search 
for this inner depth 
blows on this ember 
and don't let it go out.

The feeling of Peace, Love, satisfaction that you have sometimes is this ember of the Conscience that irradiates its heat till the surface of your spirit. When you feel this feeling, keep it active as long as possible, focus on it : it is an ambassador of the happiness.

"The Peace is here and now
[Bhaktimàrga 2-5-17]

The good and the bad manner

The happiness is a work, it doesn't come like rain in autumn. In the life, there are plenty of things that don't depend on you but a lot as well that are from you competency. There is always two manners of considering what happens : the good and the bad one. For example, when somebody going before you doesn't hold the door he just opened and it shuts brutally on you, the bad manner to react is to think : "He did it deliberately in order me to take it on my noise". What will you do ? Meet him and ask him ? The good manner is to think : "He didn't see me". Why is it the good manner ? Because it prevents you for problems !

It doesn't sound like much but it is not the same world at all nor the same life if you see the things in a positive or a negative way. Often, if not always, the world is not for us as it is really but as we see it subjectively. Now, I see on the social networks that plenty of people see the theings on the bad side. Are they happy ?

Your vision depends on your eye

Then, the quality of your existence in the human society depends on your eye, your interpretation. It is better to be in positive thoughts....that puts you in a positive energy and do you know what happens when your are in a positive energy ? You meet inevitably the feeling of happiness, that we name on the path, the Holy-Name.

Some whistleblowers 
will charge you of unconsciousness, of ostrich,
but you are living your life, not theirs 
and choose between the possible happiness 
and the thick fog of the worries.

The ambassadors of the happiness or Holy-Name

The human society, the "common" existence are full with ambassadors of the Holy-Name, the Bliss ! It is up to you to see them, to recognise them and to take them into account if your desire of Peace is deep and true, if you are confused and a simple joyce comes to your mind, take the opportunity to come back to the happiness.

In the world according to Màyà [the illusion for the Hindu], there are many links to come back to the inner-happiness. One of our children that smiles to us, a moving video on Internet, somebody that tells you something nice...if you miss some, there are others and there will be more don't worry !

The harmony, the satisfaction, the gift of self, the fulfillment, the love are links to the happiness, the bliss. The forms are different but the place where they bring is the same. The form doesn't matter, the content counts. For the seeker, there all are links to the Consciousness of the Holy-Name, the inner-Peace, the bliss.

These treasures of the Grace are there in order to bring you back to it in full awareness. Enjoy these moments, please. This is the life too. We all have an ego and its pendant the false-ego and we all arelikely to go back to the center and to take this opportunity to do it. The original path gives you the tools to find this true happiness that comes from inside. Ask for them.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Origins of the religion and yoga

Origins of the religion and yoga at the bottom as of prehistoric caves

The action took place for sixteen times thousend years, in the Paleolithic superior and implies the homo-sapiens, an hunter-gatherer living in family groups and making use of tools and weapons of cut stone and bones. Dressed in animal skins, he lived in small regroupings of huts.

The prehistoric man had a very strong religious feeling and his animist spirituality, that means believing in the existence of a soul, of a holy vital force animating all the living beings as well as the objects and the natural forces like the wind, the sun, the stones and the water.

Since a while already [app. 200 000 years] 
the humans tamed fire and cooked his food 
which require sixteen times less energy 
for the digestion by the intestines. 
The enteric brain had therefore less effort to make 
and relocated the work of thinking 
for what was not digestion. 
The brain «at the top» the one situated in the cranial cavity 
doubled in size since the begining of fire taming. 
This «top» brain could think to something else other than the food.
This new paradigm of two brains 
has make the spirituality to find 
favorate factors to its development.

The group of men and women of which it is question here live in a semi-nomadic way according to the food resources and the game through the seasons. Its place of residence was a place in the South of France which, at that time, consisted of taiga, kind of medium marshy and traversed forests of coniferous tree. The animal settlement was bisons, horses, mammoths, bear of the caves, woolly rhinoceros, hyenas and saïga [an antelope]. More in the North, at that time, was the tundra.

 Landscape in the south of the Loire (France) to the paleolithic superior

In this medium less inhospitable than in the North of the Loire (France), they were very undulating eras, basic mountain with massive limestones. Rivers ran along the bottom of the valleys which they had dug. In these sheltered valleys with a softer microclimate than on the top-plates and the plains, the leafy trees like the oak grew and the water of the rivers gave drinking water and fishes. Also the huts of our homo-sapiens were installed on their high banks, safe from sudden rises of the level of water.

These camps, which lasted during the long months of the cold season, liked to be held close to sheltered and deep caves dug by nature in limestone to the high reliefs to the steepsided valleys. These caves were not used as dwelling, the humans feared to remain in this darkness, full with mystery, no : they were used as place of animist cult and refuge in the event of exceptional climatic events or pressing danger as the castle of the Middle Ages received the villagers who lived in the neighbourhoods.

The shamans

These vast caves were like cathedrals. Usually only certain members of the clans penetrated there and officiated there. They was kinds of Shamans at the same time priests and artists. They painted the walls of certain caves known as Lascaux and Chauvet. For them, animists, the rock of the cave had a soul, like the animals they painted.

They made use of the reliefs of the walls, of the forms which the stones drew already, suggested, to paint here a horse, there a auroch, elsewhere an antelope. 

At the bottom of the cave it was dark, 
the painters lit torches of coniferous tree 
and with their wavering light they painted these animals. 
But before they were put in condition. 
Thanks to psycho-active substances, 
mushrooms, marijuana, resin or animal venom, 
they went into a transe. 
Then they prepared their color pigments 
made of clay, finely crushed 
and of ash, charcoal.

The Shamans put a kind of clay pulp in the mouth and project it, while spitting, on the wall of the cave. They don’t spit as one spit to get rid of a cumbersome mucus, no : they fill up their lungs and strongly splutter by small fast expiries and following one another quickly, like a jerked aerographer. Then the shoulder of animals appears, then its back, the thigh finally and soon an auroch is alive there.

Imagine this Shaman in a state of transe, 
at the bottom of this deep and obscure cave 
lighted by torches of resinous branches… 
the animals which appear on the stone relief were alive ! 
Not in a symbolic way, no : really alive ! 

Don't forget the belief of the animists who say that the beings and the things, fires, the stone are endowed with a soul… and these animals which appear thanks to their breath and with the coloured clay, these animals which have relief and which seem to be driven… they are alive!

Doesn't the life which is given to ground, clay by the breath, let you think of nothing ? And that: “And the Lord God made man from the dust of the clay, breathing into him the breath of life: and man became a living soul. ”? [genesis 2:7]. 

The origin of yoga I can make it go back to at least 8000 years,
in the upper Paleolithic era, 
because of the excavations of the city of Mohenjo-Daro 
in the british India of the Twenties, 
but I would not be astonished that the beginning of the history of 
the pràna and the prànàyàma, of yoga takes its source there: 
in the upper paleolithic between 17 and 12,000 years
with these Shamans in a state of trance 
who gave the life thanks to their breath. 

By paint thus they inevitably realized that the breath thus used, with reserve and “discipline”, got a feeling of drunkenness amplified by the chewed plants or absorbed “sacred” mushrooms. Some shivaïsts make this, still currently, with the smoking of ganja and shamans, everywhere in the world, make thus with other substances.

Here the origin of the religiosity and the first steps of the yoga which would have improved since these ages of the beginnings.