Sunday, January 15, 2017

Ambassadors of the happiness

A so simple happiness

In the life, somebody who is interested in spirituality, 
even if he has a good will 
cannot decide to become humble, for example, and become it. 
The things are done in the right order. 
First you see the depth of you Consciousness increase, 
then the result is humility. 

It is possible to try hard to be modest, either of self-interest or of moral hygiene purposes, but humility is something else. In order to feel small, it is necessary to have met something that is bigger than us !

It is like know, the detachment that people attracted by a true spirituality are looking for. But in order to be detached, it is necessary to let go before. You cannot detach youself without letting go. The things as the changes are done in a certain order. It is the same for the understanding, it comes from the depth not directly from the mind.

The ember of your Consiousness

Your Consciousness is like 
an ember nearly to go out 
and the sincerly search 
for this inner depth 
blows on this ember 
and don't let it go out.

The feeling of Peace, Love, satisfaction that you have sometimes is this ember of the Conscience that irradiates its heat till the surface of your spirit. When you feel this feeling, keep it active as long as possible, focus on it : it is an ambassador of the happiness.

"The Peace is here and now
[Bhaktimàrga 2-5-17]

The good and the bad manner

The happiness is a work, it doesn't come like rain in autumn. In the life, there are plenty of things that don't depend on you but a lot as well that are from you competency. There is always two manners of considering what happens : the good and the bad one. For example, when somebody going before you doesn't hold the door he just opened and it shuts brutally on you, the bad manner to react is to think : "He did it deliberately in order me to take it on my noise". What will you do ? Meet him and ask him ? The good manner is to think : "He didn't see me". Why is it the good manner ? Because it prevents you for problems !

It doesn't sound like much but it is not the same world at all nor the same life if you see the things in a positive or a negative way. Often, if not always, the world is not for us as it is really but as we see it subjectively. Now, I see on the social networks that plenty of people see the theings on the bad side. Are they happy ?

Your vision depends on your eye

Then, the quality of your existence in the human society depends on your eye, your interpretation. It is better to be in positive thoughts....that puts you in a positive energy and do you know what happens when your are in a positive energy ? You meet inevitably the feeling of happiness, that we name on the path, the Holy-Name.

Some whistleblowers 
will charge you of unconsciousness, of ostrich,
but you are living your life, not theirs 
and choose between the possible happiness 
and the thick fog of the worries.

The ambassadors of the happiness or Holy-Name

The human society, the "common" existence are full with ambassadors of the Holy-Name, the Bliss ! It is up to you to see them, to recognise them and to take them into account if your desire of Peace is deep and true, if you are confused and a simple joyce comes to your mind, take the opportunity to come back to the happiness.

In the world according to Màyà [the illusion for the Hindu], there are many links to come back to the inner-happiness. One of our children that smiles to us, a moving video on Internet, somebody that tells you something nice...if you miss some, there are others and there will be more don't worry !

The harmony, the satisfaction, the gift of self, the fulfillment, the love are links to the happiness, the bliss. The forms are different but the place where they bring is the same. The form doesn't matter, the content counts. For the seeker, there all are links to the Consciousness of the Holy-Name, the inner-Peace, the bliss.

These treasures of the Grace are there in order to bring you back to it in full awareness. Enjoy these moments, please. This is the life too. We all have an ego and its pendant the false-ego and we all arelikely to go back to the center and to take this opportunity to do it. The original path gives you the tools to find this true happiness that comes from inside. Ask for them.