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Satsang: awakening and waking up

Many people confuse the awakening and a certain waking up for the subtile things of the spirituality and believe that their efforts, their seeks will let them go forward towards the perfection. This satsang give the point of view of the path about this. Caution : the vanity can mime the humility.

awakening and waking up

A paradox

Of course there is a visible paradox in the fact of saying that you "do not make" your realization, that you just have to observe the Agya, to let go and that the Grace whose doors are opened by your Observance, takes care of all these things for you and at the same time it is necessary for you to have the good inner posture, the good mindset to practise the three feet of Agya... then? To do or not to do ? This visible paradox is the one again and again of the non-act, one of the most difficult things to understand.

The realization comes "automatically" by the Observance but to observe the Agya you have to do it and it is there that you intervene, in the volition to practise each of the three feet of Agya, the Duty, the Satsang and the Meditation. Nobody will do it for you. You cannot realize but you can observe the Agya and by observing Agya, the realization comes.

To do that it is necessary you to want it, to be thirsty of the Truth, the real spiritual fulfillment and not the theoretical, learned, abstract one. The realization is not built like a lego construction, whose bricks would be your spiritual concepts. It is not necessary to get dressed nor to eat in a particular way to live the realspirituality... at the same time you dress as you like! And you eat asyou want. If you like the Indian clothes and the vegan food, with a lot of spices, and say namasté all the time, you are welcome ! But these things can never replace the Observance of the Agya.

You come to the path as you are. The path is not made to change you the mind but to deepen your Conscience in order it to level more and more on the surface of your everyday life  without changing of the mind, it is not useless to tidy it a little, to clean it up !

You are not made from one piece, from a block and from a conscience, you have not only one : there is the mental conscience, the one allowing you to be not in the coma, to see, to hear, to smell, to feel, to taste etc...and you have the Conscience of the soul. The mental conscience is the one that meditates, at the beginning of the Meditation, in the phase of concentration, before dhyana. When your "domestic" conscience is in phase with the Conscience of the soul, then you are in the process of realization. It is the subject of the Observance.

I do not speak about the awakening, which is still something else. The realization is not the awakening. You can be realized without being awakened and being awakened without being realized. The awakening is a kind of mystic accident which does that you are awakened, it comes when you had a nirvikâlpa-samadhi. The realization comes with the long-term practice. The nirvikâlpa-samadhi can arise two hours after having received the Revelation ... or never. The realization [or control] comes with the practice.

You can be awakened and decide to not live a spiritual existence, to choose the materialism, the money and the enjoyment. The awakening doesn’t erase either the ego or the free-will. There are plenty of concepts in this regard and, generally, those who knit and share these concepts are not awakened. A lot of people confuses the awakening and the waking-up. The waking-up is when your spiritual Conscience increases, when you feel more strongly the vanity of certain things, when you are able to discerne what is secondary and what is essential. Some will be wokener than others, it is a question of "degree of refining" of the soul by the number of incarnations in the body of a human being. The more you are formerly incarned and the more you are woken.

There are a lot of woken people, less realized ones and even less awakened. Buddha was, Lao-Tse also, as well as Christ, Orpheus, Mani, Krishna, Nanak etc.
Knowledge and learned knowledge
The real understanding comes with the realization and has nothing purely intellectual. The understanding does not come by the bookish studies, except that of the math, of course!
To understand that the hot water can burn it is necessary to have already be burned. The understanding is the Knowledge, the shruti, the Veda, the one who comes from the soul by the Grace of the Observance.
The fundamental source of everything, of the enjoyment, of the bliss, of the understanding is this center which is in each of you, what the Christ indicated by the word Kingdom.

"Samadhi is Satçitananda, the Kingdom" [The Bhaktimàrga 2-5-14]

The Kingdom is the vacuity, empty of thoughts full of the Consciousness of the Holy-Name, or Verb or Satnam. All the purpose of the practice of the original yoga is to help you to find this center and to allow you to stay there most of the time and as long as possible. To realize is to be there and to stay there from sunrise to sunset.

''The consequence of the last three parts of the deep meditation is the not learned Knowledge''. [the treatise of theoriginal-yoga 3.16]

But you have to practice and, for that, to want it ... more than that: not to be able to live without. This mindset cannot be invented, you are or you are not thirsty of The truth, Peace, the bliss.
A fish needs water, a soul close to the Truth needs the Truth
... and when I speak about the Truth I don’t say the personal truths, those that everybody knits in its corner in any words. As there is the mental conscience and the Consciousness, the Knowledge and the learned knowledge, there are the truths and the Truth. The Truth is the one who was never born and will never die, the one who created everything and keeps everything alive. It doesn’t depend on you, that you accept it or that you denies it but you, your life, depends on it.

To know the Truth, you could make a start by not denying that the Truth exists. It is not about those of the religions. The Truth has no dogmae, no morality, no prohibitions. To arrive at this Truth, it is necessary you to receive the Revelation of the four techniques of the original yoga and for that to ask for it. The process passes through the Satsang, a seeker meets the Satsang and this Satsang wakes his/her thirst of the Truth. Not the Satsang puts the thirst in the heart of the seeker, but it gives words to this thirst which was already contained there and gives the direction, the instructions for use to arrive there.

" Satsang is for the soul of seekers and Walkers" [ Bhaktimàrga 2-4-5]

It is because of this that the Satsang is on the Web, so that the seeker of the Truth can meet it.

1: The last three parts are dharana, dhyàna and samadhi.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Satsang: the Gods of the Holy-Name

For those who are interested in the Trimùrti, the hindouist tradition, this Satsang gives an explanation regarding the three gods which form only one, with the words of the path. The explanations are clear and convincing, if you want to ! 

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The Gods of the Holy-Name

It is true that we like being in the Holy-Name1, being in the Peace, we who received the Revelation and who observe the Agya every day. There are several things contained in the word Holy-Name* refers to the force of God, the source of any lives, the felt feeling when we know how to put ourselves in it, the technique of Meditation allowing it. When you like the Holy-Name, the feeling, you also love the technique.

Every time it is like a diamond! It is crazy because if we would miss the Holy-Name if it was not there we would die immediately, desperate for breath. Most of people ignore the Holy-Name. They live thanks to Him but do not worry about him. They worry to survive, for the majority and for the fortunate of our western countries, for the least poor of them, they worry a lot to satisfy their desires or about their moods.

Creator, protector, destroyer is the Holy-Name. It was split into three different gods by the Hindus (Trimùrti), Brahmâ, Vishnu and Shiva, at the same time the creator and the destroyer, Lord of the Yoga. But you know, the Hindus make fires of any wood! They even put Buddha as avatar of Vishnou ! Nevertheless Sri Gautama was not Hindu.

But it is about the holy-Name, the ''Te'' of the word Tao-Te-king. It was symbolized by these three gods of the Hindu Trimùrti and the human memory forgot that it was about "poetic" symbols in the manner of the elder and human beings took them literally and among them Western people of today!

The Meditation on the Holy-Name allows you to take advantage of the jewel of every breath, to be conscious of His Grace , of His Guidance and that transforms your existence, as with twenty years, we fall in love and when this love is mutual.

To practise this technique throughout the day, in what we call the Duty,(one of the three feet of the Agya) makes you conscious, if only just a little, of the Holy-Name, of His Grace but also that infers positive effects of all kinds in you and in your real-life experience. The purpose of the Observance is not these positive effects what it causes in cascade but what should we do ? We do refuse them ? We don’t appreciate them ? Obviously no ! Be happy of this simplicity which comes to you, of this confidence, this enjoyment, of this humility.

When we realized how good it is to concentrate on the moment, thanks to the technique of the Holy-Name, we like practising it and when we forget to do it and when we realize it, we have only a haste: start again practising it. When you are there, you are on the right path. You have five Holy-Name breaks in the day which help you. These breaks do not need to be long, a few seconds can be enough. These breaks are as stones of a ford which allow you to cross dry. Days are crossed by staying as much as possible in this Peace using these five breaks. You can continue betwenn the breaks.

"To do everything in the Holy-Name is Duty " [Bhaktimàrga 2-3-5]

Arrived in the evening, you can read Satsang just before meditating and then you settle down to meditate and the "preliminary" will have lasted all day long. You will meditate better so.

"The Duty is the corridor which leads to the room of Meditation, the door is Satsang" . [Bhaktimàrga 2-3-23]

" You reap what you sow ", and as we spend its day we meditate in the evening. Before diving, the summer, into the cold water it is recommended to wet you the nape of the neck, to meditate, get wet the Conscience throughout the day by the breaks and the micro-focuses, by the attention on the Holy-Name. The Duty doesn’t interfere with the everyday life, on the contrary. If you have difficulties, do not feel guilty, just continue to try: it is the purpose of the Observance and you have your existence to manage to do it. To manage to do it is the Realization. The Realization is the purpose, not the awakening. The awakening comes "accidentally" to the bend of a deeper samadhi, the nirvikàlpa-samadhi.

1/practise the technique of the Holy-Name and feel the inner-smile.

Friday, May 26, 2017

The source of all the evils

When one takes all the evils of the men on planet and that one goes up the tree structure of causalities one arrives to the mother of all the sufferings. It is what is explained in this text, if you want to know it should be read!

There is in the man the solution to all of his problems
Every existential problem has a solution, wether they are problems of simple survival: access to water, food, medical care, peace of the weapons or they are problems of democracy, justice, expression of its freedom, of equity and so on.

The reason of these problems is inside the human being, the solution too. The peace in the world is considered as an Utopia and, because of that is not considered as a realistic option.

The root of the evil is unique

When the tree structure of the causes is made one arrives at a single root. For example, the case of a population which dies of hunger. climatic, geopolitical, macro-economic, corruption, the diversion of the assistances causes are evokated, but in Truth there is not that only one cause to all of these problems: lack of Conscience.

Before the things were simple
The things were simple: there was the good and there was the evil. The good was the word of God and the evil all that drew aside. The wolf being disguised in lamb, one kills and tortures in the name of God, as if One had never spoken about Peace, Love, compassion nor prohibited one killed anyone!

''The good found leads to the Kingdom, the evil to the suffiring and the confusion'' [Bhaktimàrga 1-4-5]

The things were scrambled, little can make the difference between the good and the evil. The people who speculate about the price of cereals are completely indifferent to the famine that causes for million of poors throughout the world, provided that they grow rich. What wouldn't one make to have a house, a larger car, more expensive than those of the others?

One laughs oneself of the good

Nowadays the concept of good and evil, of morality and immorality is turned in derision and is called naive backward-looking concepts. It remains only the concepts of legality and illegality, effectiveness and inefficiency. The good and the evil are what makes us feel good, the evil what makes us feel not good.

When a child is happy it is good. When a child is unhappy it is bad. When a person is happy, in good health and blossom it is good. When a person suffers in his/her flesh, misses water and food, when he/she is tortured, despoiled, that his/her dignity is denied it is bad. When one respects nature it is good, when one pollutes indifferent to the future generations it is bad. The things are simple.

Simplicity is not in trend any more

The simplicity became the over-simplification, like the solidarity became the assistantship, the service public became the sector public and one laughs making the free thinkers to whom '' one does not do it '', but at the bottom one knows well that the truth is simple and that what one does is bad, but one pretends, to save our financial interest, because one makes fun well of the good. One has chosen his camp: evil provided that pays. To deny the good and the evil does not make them disappear.

The good and the evil exist in Truth

The good and the evil exist and to act badly made that you are in the camp of the evil as to act well does that you are in that of the good. One exists and when you go towards Him you find Him and know the Peace He has for us.

The evil exists and when you choose it your life is vain and always finish by suffering, even while having sat on a lot of gold. The richest billionaire and most powerful enjoys the advantages of his situation at most a few years, twenty or thirty years, but by ageing and becoming old, his pangs and his doubts are the same ones as for a modest person.

The mask of a skin lifted face appears younger but the age and the proximity of the death do not have anything to do with the appearances. Ageing is ageing, one hates that and the wealth changes nothing.

The origin of the suffering

The vanity leads the world, it is a creation of the evil, its best soldier, its ambassador. What pushes a person to buy a more expensive car or house ? The vanity. What pushes people to want dominating the others, ordering them? The vanity. What pushes somebody to the morbid jealousy which destroys his/her spouse? The vanity. What plunges the people who roll in soiled cars in frustration? The vanity. How much assassinations were caused by wounded vanity? Think about it

''To satisfy your desires throws you in the suffering, the frustration because they have no end '' [Bhaktimàrga 1-4-18]

The jealousy is a daughter of vanity and it causes great misfortunes. The vanity is the girl of the evil, of the lack of Conscience, its largest demonstration, in the heart of the men and it prevented their spirit from knowing Peace.
In Truth, only the people who will ignore their vanity will reach the Kingdom. The vanity is your worst enemy. Be wary of it as of the plague. Each time a feeling or a thought comes to you from the vanity, it has only one goal: mislead you, to move you away from the Kingdom.