Monday, May 29, 2017

Satsang: the Gods of the Holy-Name

For those who are interested in the Trimùrti, the hindouist tradition, this Satsang gives an explanation regarding the three gods which form only one, with the words of the path. The explanations are clear and convincing, if you want to ! 

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The Gods of the Holy-Name

It is true that we like being in the Holy-Name1, being in the Peace, we who received the Revelation and who observe the Agya every day. There are several things contained in the word Holy-Name* refers to the force of God, the source of any lives, the felt feeling when we know how to put ourselves in it, the technique of Meditation allowing it. When you like the Holy-Name, the feeling, you also love the technique.

Every time it is like a diamond! It is crazy because if we would miss the Holy-Name if it was not there we would die immediately, desperate for breath. Most of people ignore the Holy-Name. They live thanks to Him but do not worry about him. They worry to survive, for the majority and for the fortunate of our western countries, for the least poor of them, they worry a lot to satisfy their desires or about their moods.

Creator, protector, destroyer is the Holy-Name. It was split into three different gods by the Hindus (Trimùrti), Brahmâ, Vishnu and Shiva, at the same time the creator and the destroyer, Lord of the Yoga. But you know, the Hindus make fires of any wood! They even put Buddha as avatar of Vishnou ! Nevertheless Sri Gautama was not Hindu.

But it is about the holy-Name, the ''Te'' of the word Tao-Te-king. It was symbolized by these three gods of the Hindu Trimùrti and the human memory forgot that it was about "poetic" symbols in the manner of the elder and human beings took them literally and among them Western people of today!

The Meditation on the Holy-Name allows you to take advantage of the jewel of every breath, to be conscious of His Grace , of His Guidance and that transforms your existence, as with twenty years, we fall in love and when this love is mutual.

To practise this technique throughout the day, in what we call the Duty,(one of the three feet of the Agya) makes you conscious, if only just a little, of the Holy-Name, of His Grace but also that infers positive effects of all kinds in you and in your real-life experience. The purpose of the Observance is not these positive effects what it causes in cascade but what should we do ? We do refuse them ? We don’t appreciate them ? Obviously no ! Be happy of this simplicity which comes to you, of this confidence, this enjoyment, of this humility.

When we realized how good it is to concentrate on the moment, thanks to the technique of the Holy-Name, we like practising it and when we forget to do it and when we realize it, we have only a haste: start again practising it. When you are there, you are on the right path. You have five Holy-Name breaks in the day which help you. These breaks do not need to be long, a few seconds can be enough. These breaks are as stones of a ford which allow you to cross dry. Days are crossed by staying as much as possible in this Peace using these five breaks. You can continue betwenn the breaks.

"To do everything in the Holy-Name is Duty " [Bhaktimàrga 2-3-5]

Arrived in the evening, you can read Satsang just before meditating and then you settle down to meditate and the "preliminary" will have lasted all day long. You will meditate better so.

"The Duty is the corridor which leads to the room of Meditation, the door is Satsang" . [Bhaktimàrga 2-3-23]

" You reap what you sow ", and as we spend its day we meditate in the evening. Before diving, the summer, into the cold water it is recommended to wet you the nape of the neck, to meditate, get wet the Conscience throughout the day by the breaks and the micro-focuses, by the attention on the Holy-Name. The Duty doesn’t interfere with the everyday life, on the contrary. If you have difficulties, do not feel guilty, just continue to try: it is the purpose of the Observance and you have your existence to manage to do it. To manage to do it is the Realization. The Realization is the purpose, not the awakening. The awakening comes "accidentally" to the bend of a deeper samadhi, the nirvikàlpa-samadhi.

1/practise the technique of the Holy-Name and feel the inner-smile.