Friday, May 5, 2017

After the life

Certain religious people believe in the paradise or a succession of various incarnations. The atheists think there is nothing after the death, that it is finished and that all that one learned through studies, joys, experiments and sufferings will go from there in the oubliettes of the time with us.

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But for the present what do we do ?

Do you have to continue asyou are doing ? To study to learn a trade, to find work, to earn money in order to ensure your subsistence, to meet a hypothetical soul mate, to live with it and to make children.

Do you have to buy, over thirty years, a house, that you will possibly have to resell after the divorce then to fear unemployment and to expect a retirement which moves back as you come narrow ? 


Do you have to fear the divorce, the flood, the storm, the wind, the climate warming, the violence, the disease? Do you have to live to make like everyone and to measure the force of your happiness to the ell of the one of the others? Do you have to seek happiness as one seeks the soul mate? In you there is something very soft and very satisfactory.

The answer is inside you

Look inside you these necessary answer and Peace 
and if you do not know how to make, 
thus ask somebody who knows it. 
If you are thirsty, if you are hungry of this Peace 
then you can be refreshed and satisfied. 
It is enough to go to the good place and at the good moment.
Which is the good place where to seek?
Inside you. 
What is the good moment? 
The good moment is now. 

''The Peace is here and now '' 
[Bhaktimàrga 2-5-17]

Some inspired books address you inside you but they are not enough. The solution to the many problems of the illusion is single. The war, the climate warming, the end of living species, the violence, the hunger and thirst in the world, the prostitution of children, the injustice made to the women, to the poor all these problems have a single solution: the end of the ignorance, the deepening of the Conscience.

To put an end to the ignorance there is only one school. To put an end to the ignorance, you need the Knowledge which you receive in the Meditation and by the practice of a sadhàna which makes our everyday life a way of life. The path proposes to you the Revelation of the four techniques and the Agya as school.