Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Satsang: awakening and waking up

Many people confuse the awakening and a certain waking up for the subtile things of the spirituality and believe that their efforts, their seeks will let them go forward towards the perfection. This satsang give the point of view of the path about this. Caution : the vanity can mime the humility.

awakening and waking up

A paradox

Of course there is a visible paradox in the fact of saying that you "do not make" your realization, that you just have to observe the Agya, to let go and that the Grace whose doors are opened by your Observance, takes care of all these things for you and at the same time it is necessary for you to have the good inner posture, the good mindset to practise the three feet of Agya... then? To do or not to do ? This visible paradox is the one again and again of the non-act, one of the most difficult things to understand.

The realization comes "automatically" by the Observance but to observe the Agya you have to do it and it is there that you intervene, in the volition to practise each of the three feet of Agya, the Duty, the Satsang and the Meditation. Nobody will do it for you. You cannot realize but you can observe the Agya and by observing Agya, the realization comes.

To do that it is necessary you to want it, to be thirsty of the Truth, the real spiritual fulfillment and not the theoretical, learned, abstract one. The realization is not built like a lego construction, whose bricks would be your spiritual concepts. It is not necessary to get dressed nor to eat in a particular way to live the realspirituality... at the same time you dress as you like! And you eat asyou want. If you like the Indian clothes and the vegan food, with a lot of spices, and say namasté all the time, you are welcome ! But these things can never replace the Observance of the Agya.

You come to the path as you are. The path is not made to change you the mind but to deepen your Conscience in order it to level more and more on the surface of your everyday life  without changing of the mind, it is not useless to tidy it a little, to clean it up !

You are not made from one piece, from a block and from a conscience, you have not only one : there is the mental conscience, the one allowing you to be not in the coma, to see, to hear, to smell, to feel, to taste etc...and you have the Conscience of the soul. The mental conscience is the one that meditates, at the beginning of the Meditation, in the phase of concentration, before dhyana. When your "domestic" conscience is in phase with the Conscience of the soul, then you are in the process of realization. It is the subject of the Observance.

I do not speak about the awakening, which is still something else. The realization is not the awakening. You can be realized without being awakened and being awakened without being realized. The awakening is a kind of mystic accident which does that you are awakened, it comes when you had a nirvikâlpa-samadhi. The realization comes with the long-term practice. The nirvikâlpa-samadhi can arise two hours after having received the Revelation ... or never. The realization [or control] comes with the practice.

You can be awakened and decide to not live a spiritual existence, to choose the materialism, the money and the enjoyment. The awakening doesn’t erase either the ego or the free-will. There are plenty of concepts in this regard and, generally, those who knit and share these concepts are not awakened. A lot of people confuses the awakening and the waking-up. The waking-up is when your spiritual Conscience increases, when you feel more strongly the vanity of certain things, when you are able to discerne what is secondary and what is essential. Some will be wokener than others, it is a question of "degree of refining" of the soul by the number of incarnations in the body of a human being. The more you are formerly incarned and the more you are woken.

There are a lot of woken people, less realized ones and even less awakened. Buddha was, Lao-Tse also, as well as Christ, Orpheus, Mani, Krishna, Nanak etc.
Knowledge and learned knowledge
The real understanding comes with the realization and has nothing purely intellectual. The understanding does not come by the bookish studies, except that of the math, of course!
To understand that the hot water can burn it is necessary to have already be burned. The understanding is the Knowledge, the shruti, the Veda, the one who comes from the soul by the Grace of the Observance.
The fundamental source of everything, of the enjoyment, of the bliss, of the understanding is this center which is in each of you, what the Christ indicated by the word Kingdom.

"Samadhi is Satçitananda, the Kingdom" [The Bhaktimàrga 2-5-14]

The Kingdom is the vacuity, empty of thoughts full of the Consciousness of the Holy-Name, or Verb or Satnam. All the purpose of the practice of the original yoga is to help you to find this center and to allow you to stay there most of the time and as long as possible. To realize is to be there and to stay there from sunrise to sunset.

''The consequence of the last three parts of the deep meditation is the not learned Knowledge''. [the treatise of theoriginal-yoga 3.16]

But you have to practice and, for that, to want it ... more than that: not to be able to live without. This mindset cannot be invented, you are or you are not thirsty of The truth, Peace, the bliss.
A fish needs water, a soul close to the Truth needs the Truth
... and when I speak about the Truth I don’t say the personal truths, those that everybody knits in its corner in any words. As there is the mental conscience and the Consciousness, the Knowledge and the learned knowledge, there are the truths and the Truth. The Truth is the one who was never born and will never die, the one who created everything and keeps everything alive. It doesn’t depend on you, that you accept it or that you denies it but you, your life, depends on it.

To know the Truth, you could make a start by not denying that the Truth exists. It is not about those of the religions. The Truth has no dogmae, no morality, no prohibitions. To arrive at this Truth, it is necessary you to receive the Revelation of the four techniques of the original yoga and for that to ask for it. The process passes through the Satsang, a seeker meets the Satsang and this Satsang wakes his/her thirst of the Truth. Not the Satsang puts the thirst in the heart of the seeker, but it gives words to this thirst which was already contained there and gives the direction, the instructions for use to arrive there.

" Satsang is for the soul of seekers and Walkers" [ Bhaktimàrga 2-4-5]

It is because of this that the Satsang is on the Web, so that the seeker of the Truth can meet it.

1: The last three parts are dharana, dhyàna and samadhi.