Sunday, June 4, 2017

The way of the Conscience

Here a small summary of the way of the Conscience starting from confusion and arriving to Bhakti, step by step. It is explained how a seeker of Truth, if he agrees to find, can become in love with God

A soul, while moving away from early childhood, i.e. when the child grows, moves gradually away from its source, as she learns from its parents, the school and spent time.

From the age of reason, the innocence is dissipated, disperses. Later, when the individual goes on a true spiritual path, with thirst to go back to the peace, the happiness and the innocence of his early childhood he will pass by stages which one can summarize as follow : Focusing, Conscience, Recognizing , Devotion.

To find your center, do it as often as possible and as long as possible, thus to deepen your Conscience, feel grateful when you recognize the love of the Holy-Name (love of god in us as in all) and to love Him in return (devotion or Bhakti).

This text explains the way taken by the Witness [incarnated soul] from the unconsciousness to the devotion. Unconsciousness here is the state where the spirit is when it is taken in the illusion of the duality.

The word devotion often has a negative connotation for the conceited which preach the independence, the freedom and believe only in them. These ones put on the devotion an important pejorative load, describing it as blind surrender. They are often the same ones which does not like the word kindness and considers this quality as the weakness of the naive one. They will not find anything in this text which they like.

For those who are not afraid by this word, here our definition: “the devotion is the state where the Conscience of God and the recognition of his Grace in our lives plunge us”. It looks like a feeling of mixed love and recognition. It is neither fanaticism nor the surrender. The human being has the free-will and it is not a favour made to the man by an ethical God who would thus compensate His Almighty, no : the free-will is the essential condition to achieve the very purpose of the human life. Without it the human being cannot go back to the Kingdom in full Conscience.

The devotion is the pearl of the path” as said a Wise. The path, to use only one word defining it, is the yoga which gathers into only one practice the three yoga of the Trimàrga plus the raja-yoga. It is not a modern and syncretic creation, which would have put artificially together all these yoga.

Seeking perfection in each gesture just to please the eyes of One
Leads you to the happiness of Bhakti ''
[Bhaktimàrga 2-3-8]

The path is the path about which the Bhagavad-Gîtà speaks. Not that one practised by the “hare-krishna”, these excessively pious people who wandered in the streets of our cities dressed like Indian and singing their mantra while making tinkle their small cymbals, no : the path is the one about which spoke Lord Krishna to Arjuna. Often the teaching of the awakened is lost when these awakened are disembodied. It is what occurred to the teaching of Christ, Buddha, guru Nanak and Lao-Tseu.

One can be a ''perfect'' yogi, controlling the àsanas and be only a good technician, without the devotion. The devotion is the salt of the practice. Some romantics are used to say that when we are in love the existence becomes magic. The devotion is like that: it makes the spiritual life magic.

Some asked for the Revelation of the four techniques for bad reasons and did not find what they sought: they saw the inner-Light shining, when they practised the technique, but they were not enlightened. They heard the inner-Music, when they practised the technique, but they were not moved by it. The Holy-Name breathed in them but they did not enter there. Why? Because they came on this path for bad reasons: to increase their spiritual force, their powers, to seek perfection etc.

Others entered there for good reasons: because the call of the Satsang awoke in them the thirst for Truth, of simplicity, of interiority and they observed the Agya. Among these some met the devotion, then they asked for being premie, the fourth degree of practice. The “magic” of the Grace operated: their life became magic. Our salvation doesn’t matter, the Liberetion, the awakening, the Realization: we want only let ourselves be loved and love in return. It is as simple as that: to let yourself be loved and love in return. Such is the devotion.

Focusing, Conscience,
recognizing , devotion.

In everyday life, you realize that you are often out of your inside by all the informations which comes from your environment, by the thoughts, the impressions and the feelings. You feel dispossessed of yourself, in reverse currents which plunge you in the irritation and the depression. You would like to return to yourself, to close the windows on all these external requests without, for as much, to cut you from the world… but how can you do?

It is the purpose of the Agya, this base of the practice of the path: to allow you to go back to your center where the Peace reigns. In the agitation of the world a haven of peace is welcome. One of the three feet of the Agya; the Duty, enables you to centre yourselves throughout the day. The Meditation-in-action or Duty your Conscience brings back to the center where Peace is.

This new awakening is the second phase of the progression. When your attention finds its center, you find the Conscience. Your vision of the world is not deformed any more by the phantasms, the aberrations of the mind. You see the things such as they are and what is the Creation appears to you full with harmony.

Then all is perfect and there is no bad weather nor good weather: there is only the magic of the Grace of One… it is the devotion already: Conscience of the Creation perfection. You feel alive and perfectly belonging to the Creation.


The recognition is the third stage of the progress. The recognition is the fact of knowing something again which you know but had forgotten. Then gratitude comes: you thank One for such an amount of perfection.

The circle has been closed and the magic operates: your existence becomes that one of a lover which is happy simply because the Love is present in his life and that he will never be alone, even without anybody. It is the fourth stage of the practice, the one of the premie. The Release and all these sorts of things are forgotten: only the Conscience of His presence matters.