Sunday, June 4, 2017

Satsang: enjoy loving Him

A very simple mean to practice the yoga-originel, to live your deep spiritual life : loving to love God, his Holy-Name, His Grace. So no worry about the theories, the guilt and the ambition of the spiritual-ego on the search of the perfection.

God is not Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu nor Buddhist. You are obliged to nothing. You can eat what you want and get dressed in the way which pleases you. God is neither tolerant nor severe, even less moralistic. He has nothing to do with the concepts of the human beings. The concepts of the human beings concern only the human beings. It is not because a Muslim shouts Allahou akbar that God owes to be Muslim. It is not because the Jews eat kosher that God wants you to eat kosher. God is neither moralistic nor nutritionist.

God never neither punishes nor rewards and it is good because you never have to be forgiven, whatever you make. You know, the ocean is there for every fish, for every marine creature and the ocean is more important for these creatures than these creatures are for the ocean. The ocean gives of itself at 100% for every fish and every marine creature. Every marine creature can feel owner of all the ocean.

Every human being can make of the universal God his personal God and the relation he has with Him is his own business. You can leave God for years and return, he will be there for you. The river is not going to stop flowing because you didn’t go fishing during one year !

You missed a fishing season, you didn’t take your card a year long and the next season you don’t dare to go taking a card again, it would be too simple… you think that you will go sit down at the water's edge, dip your fishhook and apologize by the river but it, no, it will not forgive you and will refuse to give you fishes.

God is not so and you have no reason for feeling guilty if you left him, you just have to begin again your relationship to Him and then it's as if you had never left the practice: you find yourselves where you staid, beginning again your deepening. Everything depends on you.

What is a devotee or premie, compared with an aspirant, a Walker and a chela? It is disciple who is more thirsty of Him, of One that the others, that's it. He has no qualities, no different capacities, simply he doesn’t want to miss a breath without having paid all the attention to it that it deserves. The living guide is a member of the premie’s paradigm, as of that of the aspirant and the chela. The path is the guide who draws it for you.

When we are a lover of God, we like being conscious of His Grace and we do everything in order to be it. Everything is contained in the Observance of Agya.

When I speak about the ambassadors of the happiness I also speak about the ambassadors of His Grace. The events, the occurrences, the synchronicities, the harmonies of the things, the providential meetings, the not expected administrative decisions which are taken in your favor, the beauty of a moment, the benevolence of the fate belong to His Grace, to His Guidance as the Christ said, in Thomas's Gospel, ''the Kingdom is inside you but it is also outside ''.

The Grace can be discerned in things from the outside, even if your attention isn’t turned inside. After working day, you see a sunset, on the way back home, and you feel a great Peace, it is the Grace that gives you a wink.

"The eye in consciousness sees One in everything, the one of the illusion sees only the forms " [bhaktimàrga 1-1-5]

When something outside lets vibrate, in you, the chord of your soul, you reconnect automatically in consciousness. When a guitar is played, if there is another guitar leaned on a wall, if it is tuned in the same way, this guitar without musician will enter in accordance with the one who is played and will resonate on the same tone. It is so for your soul and for The Grace. The outer ambassadors of this Grace let resonate, in you, what looks like it.

The happiness is the resultant of the Grace and of your consciousness of it. The Grace is not enough for your happiness, you have to be conscious of it. You are conscious of the Grace inside you? By the meditation? It is good but it is also outside you. The outside is God's work, it is His Creation despite the awkward efforts of the human beings to break everything.

If you like God's Love more than anything, then you are a devotee, a devotee even if you know nothing about the writings. On the path of freedom there is the Observance of Agya. The one who observes the Agya with diligence is already a chela, a disciple; the devotion comes by consequence and it is the pearl of the path.

You can repeat a mantra all day long, blow up you in the middle of a market on his behalf, it is not for that that you love God. To love God it is to like being conscious of His presence inside and outside you. God is too much tall so that you can see him, but you can see His Light, in you, by the practice of the technique of the appropriate meditation and you can be conscious of his eye put on you and in the beauty of His Creation.

Who does let beat your heart, who does let you breath, who does let you be aware of you and the world? Him. Enjoy loving Him, then all the rest is the foam of the days.