Monday, June 19, 2017

The soul remembers

The soul remembers, not the detail of its last lives but it keeps the trace of its original environment and aspires to go back there. You identify with the soul and you will have this aspiration. You identify with your concepts and you will dream of concepts.


the soul remembers its original environment. It is not the akashic records, and if the memory kept the “memory” of the bliss from where it comes from it is not a memory made of words and pictures but rather like a feeling that it misses something and the recognition, each time a peaceful happiness comes to it, that it has importance and it is like an impression of déjà vu.

It is often question of the lost paradise.
The Eden is a metaphor
whose origin goes back to the beginnings of the humanity,
when the homo sapiens left Africa,
in the Upper Paleolithic and arrived
in the arid country of Arabia and found there
a green valley irrigated by rivers,
in the current Yemen, at the edge of the ocean.
This place has been named Eden
well after, towards the Mesopotamie,
in memory of the old stories, to indicate the paradise.

But the Christians's lost paradise does exist. Jésus Christ named it the Kingdom. In India some say Satçitananda. It is your destination and your origin.

''The Christ said if the Kingdom is in the sky
The birds will precede you
If it is in the sea, the fishes will precede you
The Kingdom is inside you ''

[Bhaktimàrga 1-1-46]

At the moment of the incarnation the soul is bound to the ego, in order for it to be aware of itself and thus it has the free-will. Your soul remembers the Peace from where it comes and this memory gives you the irrepressible need, thirst to go back there.

The misunderstood suffering


As long as you do not identify the source of this thirst, that generates in you a suffering which is difficult to relieve. Here is the latent, chronic suffering, the frustration which pushes you to the unbridled consumption of material goods and pleasures in the hope, unceasingly disappointed, to relieve it. It is a waste of time and effort, because the pleasures and the possessions cannot fill this lack, this lack of the Love of which you have the memory and on which your mental don’t know which word to put.

The romantic love

In the West, the spirit invented the romanticism, the feelings, the courtly love. Educated “with the udder of these ideas” some, many, search the woman or the man of their life, as if another person could give a meaning to their existence! It is really showing a sickly modesty to imagine that they were born to love a person and to be loved by her/him, that without someone else they are incomplete! This strange idea blind them and they go from disappointments in disappointments, of sufferings in sufferings letting their spirits turn sour over the spent years.

Greatly reduced
Through separations, painful divorces, nervous breakdowns, from which they recover only after many years, they are greatly reduced, scraggy, no longer believing in anything, resentful at the bottom of their dens. However the Love is there, inside us and we can taste it at will.


If, tasting this inner love, it comes you the desire for sharing it with somebody and it turns out that the life with this somebody adds, to the harmony, a tenderness made of comprehension and share, then so much better!

The love for somebody can be full of joy
of complicity and pleasure.
It is not forbidden to have pleasure, joy
and enjoying to live in this world.
It is simply a pity to lose yourself in the mistake
and to leave time to slip by in the doubt and the pain.

''But let your first care be for his kingdom and his righteousness;
and all these other things will be given to you in addition''.

[Matthieu 6:33]

Start from a good starting point
You can do everything: studying, working, writing, playing music, working out, living in couple, founding a family, buying a house, driving sport cars, doing politics etc. But you must start from a good starting point, in full Conscience. The practice of the path is the good point where to stand to exist and to do all what you owe, you want, and you can while remaining in the Peace of the inside. Here and now is the good place and the good moment.

''The Observance of Agya leads to the Unit ''

 [Bhaktimàrga 2-1-31]