Thursday, May 11, 2017

To live in the moment

When you say: “To live happy let us live in the present moment '' you did not say anything. Those who seek to be happy, who does not seek it ? And who do not find happiness say to themselves, by reading this sentence: '' yes; the past is dead, the future is not, then the present… why not?” But which is the procedure to follow to live in the present moment ? Is it just a question of posture?

To live in the moment
Is it necessary to think to the present, to be attentive with all that surrounds us? Should you burn you photo album ? Should you cancel your retirement saving ? To tear your diary?

No book, no handbook, no erudite learns as much as one moment of Light '' [Bhaktimàrga 1-1-34]

The happiness is indeed in the moment, it is not a figure of speech nor a philosophical posture. The present moment exists indeed and even only it really exists: the rest is only memories, calculations, dreams and projects. When you are entirely present in the moment, you are alive and feel happiness to be alive. You know, only the human being has a problem with happiness: all the other living creatures are happy by default. They live in the moment, do not regret the past nor are projected in the future.

The meaning of happiness

It would be yet necessary to define what happiness means and if it is the Graal to be discovered, the goal, the purpose of the existence. Do not confuse happiness and satisfaction, as you should not confuse the needs and the desires. By convention the word happiness is used to indicate the mood found in the moment, but other words can be used such as: Peace, bliss, serenity.

This state can be lived, but not explained. It is impossible to describle the taste of a fruit to somebody which never tasted it before, then this state of Conscience contained in the moment !

Some activities are more favourable for the Conscience of the moment than others. For example a watchmaker, leaned on the repair or the manufacture of a delicate mecanical and complexe watch movement will be more in the present moment than a salesman animating a sale meeting in an exhibition hall. The extreme physical and mental concentration of his work allow the watchmaker to be focalised on his gesture and his thoughts calm down, his mood ease and he goes across the doors of the moment.

Some manual works allow this Conscience and lead to a great satisfaction. For example: vine grower, logger, cook, cabinetmaker, carpenter and, as one said in my youth, roadmender etc I arrange them in the yoga of the action or karma-yoga.

Remain in the Duty detached but not indifferent do not imagine to be the author of your works “ [Bhaktimàrga 2-3-9]

The present moment exists

The moment exists and it is the only one which exists. If you want to live in full Conscience, go ahead. It is there that all occurs. The bliss is the treasure of the moment. Be in the moment and you will find the Peace there. On the path there is this practice of the moment by a particular technique, one of the four revealed, which makes this frequentation possible every day without being, for as much, neither a large yogi nor an ethereal mystic.

This technique which is revealed when you make the request, allow to remain in the moment. The goal of the path is to live fully in the present moment and to meet there the interior Peace in order to achieve the reason of our coming. There is a concept, in the Hindu mystic, which is the Màyà or illusion. It is in this Màyà that the duality, confusion and the suffering are. Out of the moment is the illusion.

Staying in the moment
Is it right to be in the moment but how do you do ? To go to the pruning of the vines? To repair a clock? Some do sports, others take drugs, alcohol, or play casino in order to forget their anguishes and to be in the moment.
To live in the moment, it is good to know the path and to wish to go there. Without desire to go nothing is possible. It is necessary to wish it and agree to release its past, to project itself vainly in the future. The practice of the path allow to go and remain in the present and to keep under control our mind.
Do you remember the feeling of time that you had as child ? How summer holidays seemed long then ! They seemed to last for ever.  Your soul is thirsty for the state met in the moment.