Monday, May 8, 2017

The illusion which loses us

Many believes illusion is the world, that it is the Màyà because the reflection of the true world. Because it is impermanent the world is illusion but in truth illusion is in the glance, in the way of seeing the world.

The illusion which loses us


The cause of many moral sufferings is interior. In India some say that the suffering comes when the Conscience is lost in the duality of Màyà. Màyà, this word has many meanings according to the mystic that uses it. For some it is a goddess who creates the illusory charms of the world. For others it would be nature itself, for others still it would be the power which God would use to appear to us.

For many people, who are interested in the Indian mystics, Màyà means illusion. The example of the reflection on water is often set: Màyà, our world would be the reflection of the Truth.
Thus the most dedicated mystics scorn the world, holding it for illusory and are interested only in the Truth which they hope to meet in the Meditation. Others regard as Màyà only the creations of the modern materialism.

''When you will not be distracted any more by the illusion of the world, when you will be absorbed by the Agya you will know Satçitananda '' [Bhaktimàrga 2-2-17]

Here is our definition:

Màyà, or illusion, is the vision of the world seen through the eyes of ignorance”.

The illusion is the fruit of our glance

The illusion is not the fact of the world, it is a way of seeing which is deceived by ignorance of the Truth underlying all the Creation. Of course the world is limited in time and space: it was creates and will cease one day. But is it, because of that, an illusion? Not, it is a transitory reality.

The fact of regarding the world as Màyà, illusion unworthy of interest is a posture dictated by the spiritual-ego. It is of good tone, in a society where spirituality is a cardinal virtue, to scorn Màyà while reciting some mantras, sitted in front of the Gange.

The world is a gift of God
In Truth the World is a gift of God where you have the Grace to live and the only place where it is possible for you to achieve your destiny. The incarnation, the gift of the ego is the means that God found to make the soul becoming aware and turns over to Him with complete freedom, exerting his free-will with the profit of his Liberation.

But there is a Màyà which is really a ball preventing you from benefitting your existence and the world such as God made it. This Màyà is the aberration caused by the ignorance which gives you a deformed vision of the reality.

The illusion is multiple: for example, to believe that work, the family, the acquisition of a house and other goods are generating happiness. It is not bad to have a housing, a family, tangible properties but do not forget that happiness will not come from there. The happinesses of the world are like fires of straw.

There are other illusions, other Màyà, everybody can do his own list. The mental phenomenon of projection is one of these illusions: when you lend to others the intentions, the thoughts, the fears, the feelings which are yours. The means of reducing the suffering whose ignorance is the cause is the Knowledge. Not the knowledge learned at the school, in books, but that coming from the depths of the Meditation.

''By the Duty, the devotion the enlightened stays in God aiming at the Liberation he is high in the Knowledge '' [Bhaktimàrga 2-3-43]