Sunday, May 21, 2017

The universal Truth

 The Truth exists. I speak about the universel one. Individual thruths, there are as much as individuals and the Truth is not the ennemy of these individuals truths, it is just the same one for everybody for ever and since ever. It is the subject revealed in this text.


The universal Truth exists. What is a universal truth? It is the Truth which is good for everybody and this since ever. Some, jealous of their freedom to think revolt, reading this assertion and say: '' There is not only one truth, everybody his/her own one ''. But the universal Truth does not enter in competition with the truth of each one !

That each person has a personal truth doesn’t prevent that the universal Truth exists. One doesn’t preclude the other. The universal Truth was never born and will never die. All depends on it and it does not depend on nothing. It is the only common denominator of everything that exists.

What answers this definition is the life. The life not the existence. The existence is the segment of time where we live from the birth to the death of the body but the life is beyond and nothing and no one created the life. God didn’t create the life because He was alive also, but then? Wouldn't it be the same “principle”? Would God and the life be the same “thing”?

In any case it is the universal Freedom and it is possible to bathe there, to be inspired from it by knowing the right way to do.

The word Truth became pejorative in our countries where individualism was hoisted with the pinnacle of the values, where all is relative and depends on the point of view of each one. Then the Truth is not the welcome.

The worship of the individual is a side-effect of the western type modernity. This induced worship, in our companies and by simplifying schematization, a consensual thought, a kind of ready-made customisable philosophy.

Everyone his opinion, his fashion, his desires and his dreams. The concept of universal Truth has taken a pretty bad bump ! Now there is a truth by person: everybody his/her own one and they all are equal provided that they do not contravene the law which frames our rights to say and to write.

However there is really a universal Truth, one which is the one of everyone, whatever the culture, the language and the history. When that is said one is suspected to be a proselyte sect which want to lash out at your reason, your freedom and, worse of all, at your money. However this universal Truth resides in everybody and everyone and when you meet it, when one rediscover it, it seems obvious and simple.

There is no other truths than the Truth “ [Bhaktimàrga 1-4-46]

The Truth is the same one for everybody, a Chinese of Yunnan come to Shanghai, from his countryside, to work on building sites, for a Somali living in Mogadiscio and trying to live normally between the bullets of the kalashnikovs, for a New Yorkean of Tamil origin, leading a yellow-cab or for any other person living on this planet. The universal Truth exists. What is its definition?

-It universal Truth existed since ever and will exist for ever.
-It universal Truth is unique.
-It universal Truth is the same everybody.

The universal Truth, what is it ? No speech, no theory can speak about it. Only the direct experiment can let us know it. Each living being has an energy which makes that it is alive. This energy of life is the universal Truth.

The life is not only biological: when biology ceases it remains the atom which is energy and this life is energy. This energy has a intention, a reason and is not the effect of mathematical principles, physics in action.

When our betters physicists consider the origin and the nature of our universe they are taken of giddiness and ridge on the concept of God whom they always do not dare to accept.

After having spoken about matter and antimatter what should they say? What is the antimatter ? In Buddhism one speaks about vacuity. In this vacuity lies the Truth, which gave us the life and towards what one must tend. Jesus named this vacuity the Kingdom, Lao-Tseu Tao, on the path we call it One and Satçitananda because of an Indian cultural bottom.

''The full Conscience is the purpose of the Agya it is named Satçitanand or Kingdom'' [Bhaktimàrga 2-2-24]

This statement does not affirm that the path of freedom holds only the Truth. It would be the sign of a hubris. Other ways, other yoga, certain sincere religious find this same Truth inside them, even if they give other names to it. We are admiring of all those who have the understanding, the Light and the intimate Knowledge of God's Grace.

Simply we promote our path, eager to share the happiness which is ours. Yes, the universal Truth exists and we know it. Do you want to know it too?