Friday, August 4, 2017

we are several layers

Some explanations in connection with what makes our depth. Here are explained the various “layers” which make us, their utilities and a recommendation: all these “layers” of us are useful. They are not there by accident. Then respect them. 

To say: “We are our ego” is very reducing

You are composite, made of multiple layers, like an onion, from the more visible, the human body, to the deepest, the soul. There are not only these two layers. You are also your mind. I won’t go through the astral, etheric, causal bodies or through the seven other bodies of certain esoteric ways.

All these layers which make you have their importance 

Each one of these layers are important and to consider only one or two of them is very reducing. Some of these layers are alive only for the time of the existence. The soul, has a transcendental existence, which exceeds the duration of the existence.

It is tempting, when you have a propensity with the spirituality, to be identified with this last layer and to say: “We are really this layer: the immortal spirit and all the rest are only tool, envelope, diving-suit, utilities for our existence”.

But if the eternity has its importance, 
this existence is important also,
 lasting less longer undoubtedly
 but like the Truth, the life, the eternity is in the moment present,
each moment is essential. 

For this existence you are also this body and its needs 

The instincts of the body, its brain housing your memory 
and your dreams, your feelings, your fears, your loves, 
your knowledge and personality, it is all this, together, 
as your eyes, your hair, your pheromones 
which make what you are for those who cross you 
and with whom you interact. 
Your dharma [sacred duty] is in this interaction 
and to assume it you need all the parts which form you.

  The body, the soul and the mind

The deepest spirituality


Concerning the spirituality made of contemplation and ecstasy, it is necessary to put a moment on side the upper layers, during the deep Meditation, in order to enjoy the highest Conscience. During these privileged moments only the bliss counts and the mind, so useful in the exercise of the dharma and of the Duty, is not any more your friend: “Everything in its own time…”

When we are working out, the physical body is privileged and the mind, when you are painting the sensitivity is emphasised. In the same way, when you are practising the deep Meditation [one of the three feet of the Agya] you prioritize the Conscience.

''On the path, the balance of body and soul
keeps the enlightened in the Grace''

[Bhaktimàrga 1-4-21]

You are made of all the “layers”

Each one of them is important. On the path, the Agya enables you to go in your entirety, by assuming each facet of your being, from the most “peripheral” ones to the deepest.

The Duty [or Meditation in action] enables you to assume your dharma, the obligations of the existence while keeping you Conscience centered. 

The [deep] Meditation enables you to centre yourselves more strongly, to reset you in order to know the wellness of a Conscience that the activity of mind does not disturb any more, or that it disturbs less.

The Satsang, inspired and shared words, enables you to be inspired to practise. 

This practice of the Agya

This practice, the Observance, is possible only after having received the Revelation of the original-yoga. There is this center, inside you, where reign a great Peace and this at every moment since your birth until the final appointment. You perceive it only when you are put at the good place.

''The Observance of Agya leads to the Unit ''

[Bhaktimàrga 2-1-31]