Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Make a living

 Make a living 

For you, what is the purpose of your life ? To have a job ? It is not the purpose of the life, that: to have a job, to make a living ! It is good to have a job, to make a living, but it is not the reason of your birth. The purpose of your life is not to gain it. It would be completely stupid. I have make twenty years of studies, I worked forty years and what ? I have a house and what ? I have twenty or thirty years of life left and I die and what was the purpose of my life ? To have a job? And what do they do those who don’t have one ? 

What defines a human being is not his social situation, not his genre, if he is a man or a woman, his type, Berber, Semitic, Indo-European or his religion, his age. A human being is human. What defines him is the life which animes him. 

The purpose of the life, this existence which occupies you now, is not to make a living. It is necessary to meet your needs, but it is not the subject of your existence. Why a great majority of people, in our rich countries, are frustrated ? Because the fact of making their living is not enough for them.

The purpose of the life is to live in harmony with a high yearning which comes from this God's part which we have in ourselves, to live in three dimensions: the body, the mental and the soul. The purpose of the life also is to do justice to his Grace, recognizing his omnipresence: "I am alive, I see, I hear, I affect, I smell and feel thanks to you "

To be human  

To give thanks to God can be made by going to pray in a church, a temple or a synagogue. We can also give thanks to God by putting our life in his hands. God wants you to be as he makes you: human beings and a human being is not only a body and a mental, he is also a soul.

Certain peoples, as the Amerindians, considered really human only those who behave as human beings, that means with consciousness. The sign of this consciousness? The respect towards the live in everything ... what was far from being the case of the white men! 

God have no favorite ones 

We live all in piled strata and those who are in the strata at the bottom feel ashamed. The religion of the consumption invites them in its mass, but they have to remain stay up at the bottom of the shopping mall, to look without receiving communion, for lack of capacity. The majority of the humanity is poor, even in the rich countries. The standard is the poverty.

God have no favorite ones, he does not love Bill Gates more than any untouchable of India, or the Jews more than the atheists
. Untouchable Indian is really the prototype of the fact that can be " the commoners ". With us, some named them by this hideous word: "social cases". 

We recognize them: they have cars of twenty years of age, rotted, with blisters of varnish on the body, they are badly dressed and eat ravioli in box that the European surpluses gave to the salavation army. This is the way we recognize them according to those who are not from them and who advocate the liberalism, those there even that replace the word solidarity by assistantship and the word public service by public sector.

We shouldn’t judge people. Who are they to judge? We are all on earth for the same thing: be happy in his Grace. This is the way we make a success of our life. Then if we want to make heaps of things: collect stamps, work in a hospital, comb the neck of the giraffe, be a primary school teacher, lawyer, yes ! We can make it, but it is not the purpose of the life
. The purpose of the life you should not neglect it, it should not come in second place. 

We are all alike

In certain circumstances we are absolutely equal and if during a few decades our occupations distinguish us, when we are old we are again alike very hardly, in our sufferings, our handicaps and our rich or poor regrets
. How to have no regrets when the professional life stops ?

In a palliative care hospital we are equal: a drip is a drip, whether we are rich or poor, in single room or with four beds !
The suffering is the same and the Light also. It is such a pity that during all the life the illusion hid them this truth and that it is necessary to them to wait for the last extremity, while waiting for the following one, to realize it finally! 

It is good if we can live in a more comfortable house, drive a car that less often breaks down, be dressed in more becoming clothes, that our children study better and we eat healthier and better well-balanced food. If we can do it, then yes: let us do it! It is not forbidden to be well, but it shouldn’t be the priority of our lives. 

Be well inside

In the life, either we are well inside, or we are bad. When we are bad there can be heaps of reasons for that, but to be good, there is a only real reason: it is when we are at his place doing what we have to do. 

When we have our spirit based inside this spiritual dimension, named by Jesus Christ Royaume and by others, in India, Satçitananda, we are perfectly happy and at our place. The trick is first to be happy in oneself. There are, apparently, heaps of reasons for being bad, but it is a lie: really, the main reason for being bad is to be not aware. 

The way to be happy 

The good it is to be in the bliss, thus if you are not there your are bad, of course, sometimes, the evil is decorated by a good evening, the good moment, a beautiful new car, a fully-equipped kitchen, affection etc. but it is always necessary to run after the satisfactions to be less bad. But why those who have so much money do they need it more and more all the time? Because they run after the well-bing and that the well-bing got by the material things is like heroin: one needs more and more for a less and less good, shorter and shorter flash.

These rich persones make treasures of imagination to find what they could well buy themselves to be happy, as the favors of a minor girl, for some, or a more and more strong drug, for others, or certain privileges, as the valet of luxury hotels or from Fauchon, in Paris, to open them the door of their taxi… The problem is that they confuse the happiness and the satisfaction of their desires. 

The only real way to be happy, in life, is to be able to go to this center of us where reign the Grace of God and that cannot be obtain by the money. This is the life, this is the happiness: you have in you your best friend, the bliss. At the beginning of the practice the bliss is very small and then it grows up and still grows up. Everything is affair of practice.

Bending to drink  

It is like the water of an oasis, in the desert: it is necessary to bend to drink it, it is not going to jump into your throat. And then if you take a thimble to drink, or a soup spoon, a cup, a mustard jar or a beer mug of half a liter, you will not be quenched in the same way. It is the practice: if you are very thirsty you drink a lot, and you are quenched a lot. If you are little thirsty, you drink little and you are quenched in proportion to your thirst. What shouldn’t be done is to drink little while you are very thirsty, it is to wait that the water jumps into your throat. 

You have the choice: receive or not his Love
. That depends on you. It's useless to think that you are incapable to do it: if we pass three hours saying to ourselves that we cannot go towards God, we make nothing during these three hours. It's useless, just start up.