Thursday, November 24, 2016

Satsang: accept the happiness


It is necessary to agree to be happy. 
When we go on our path since already a moment
and in an increasingly assiduous way, 
we end up going to this observation: we are arrived !
It is difficult for a spirit hooking
to its research, misfortune and the doubt 
to admit this observation: 
the satisfaction of the unceasingly renewed moment
is enough for our happiness. 

The fact of thinking that we don’t have to search the happiness any more but only to keep it, to renew it and to dig it that can induce, in the mind one, a certain frustration: he want to continue to seek. Sometimes the human being found a treasure and he used to continue to seek, to find another one. In fact, he is not the treasure which interests him, it is the research. When he found it, he is boring quickly.

The secret, not to be in this case, it is… suspense… the Observance: one doesn’t reach yet the Realization, it remains to us this purpose, this objective as in the film “Groundhog Day ”. At the beginning Phil Connors [Bill Murray] revolts against the inevitable renewal of the same day. He tries to flee it, by all the means, then he accepts his fate and works, each day, to make this day, perfecter.
The research of the perfection is a sufficient motivation:
that each day is more in the Observance, 
in the Consciousness that the preceding one. 
When we arrive at destination what can we make? 
We can visit the country.


Doing like everyone: screw your life. The difference is to work to live it by leaving the place to the Consciousness of the Holy-Name by the obstinate practice of the technique of the same name. The problem, with the disciples is that some arrive well at the end of the end of the interest that they carried to their existence, then the Revelation at a stretch does not solve all the mental liability at once: it needs a certain latency, before all is positioned back. We should not release before this occurrence! 


As if we shouldn’t have an existence except the Path and that what we have in the life shouldn’t be interesting…but there is our daily life, our dharma, our destiny: do your housework, drive your car, make your papers, assumes your existence, it is not without interest even if it is sometimes an extra work. Screw your life but live it in the Agya, in the Consciousness and that becomes magic. 

The secret is really to respect the Agya. 
We can also benefit from the simple pleasures of the life: 
of a good television’s programm, a good meal, a beautiful exchange 
with one of our contemporaries. 
Simply let us leave from the good point,
 the one of the Consciousness and the evening, the morning 
let us go to God, by the Meditation. 
We put ourselves on the pavement with our bouquet of flower
 and we wait.

 Duty, Satsang, Meditation: the Agya

  ''The Agya, the dharma and the guide
Keep the enlihtened on the path '' 
[Bhaktimàrga 1-5-14]

I want to speak to you about a point which can arrive sometimes, if my memories are good: some deep Meditations cause confusion, when we leave it, but there is nothing there abnormal. Then, in the Duty, confusion disapears and we see the world, his life, under a new day, as if somebody had change the decoration of our life while confusion made like the curtain, with the theatre, during the break. The deep Meditations disturb something in us, it is normal, but it is necessary to let elutriate this cloud to realize that our vision changed. 


When we touche the bottom, we generate a cloud of vase, but the Conscience, which was hitherto limed can be released on this occasion and when the mud goes down again it remains only the Conscience: it is necessary to be patient, to have faith and wait: the mud will go down again: it always goes down again.


As long as we are fixed on the stage of confusion, we see only it, but the Meditation does its work, in spite of us. With this patience and this faith we realize that our vision, our Conscience of the world and us in the world is simpler, more spontaneous, well it is the effect of the Meditation there! It is the Grace in action.

Somtimes we meditate and we leave Meditation confused and we wonder: “
is that used for no matter what I contemplate? I am confused ”. Yes, it is well, continue, it means that it is operating. Sometimes we make cures of artichoke extract to detoxify the hepatic cells and we have the symptoms of a bilious attack. Its cure should not be ceased! It is necessary to continue, it is the sign that it is operating and that it was adapted to make this cure. It is the same for the Meditation, sometimes.


When we cut a stone, we do use a hamer to level it, we generate a cloud of dust, but when this cloud grows blurred we see that the surface of the stone became plane, that our work bore fruits.
With the assiduous practice we realize that the life becomes livelier, more pleasant to live. When we have in heart to like God, we sticks to well making, to observe the Agya. There is the Meditation, to go to the center. The linguists give, as etymology of the word meditation the Latin word meditatus which means reflection. Other linguists give the following etymology: the Sanskrit madha, signifiant wisdom. It is an error of the linguists. I propose, instead of that, the following sanskrite etymology: madhya that means medium, the center.

It is curious to see that the word
media comes from the Indo-European mehdi, or medium. Don’t Mehdi and madhya point out anything to you? It is the same word that gave in old Greek gave mésos or middle, then the gothique midjis, ancestor of the german Mitte and the english middle etc.

There is thus the Meditation which means the middle, the yoga which mean
union, the union with the center. It’s crazy, isn’t it ? It is the purpose of the path.

I notice that our life changes at the same time as our Conscience, than our understanding, then continue to observe Agya as far as you can it, and trust in One and his Grace and think of requesting me if needed.