Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The path of devotion

The path [the path of freedom] is a way of life, a practice which makes it possible to achieve the purpose of its life. When one is a regular churchgoer or Walker, and that one reads the Holy-books such as Bhagavad-Gîtà, Tao Te King, Bhaktimàrga, Gospels - apocryphal books also - Guru Granth Sahib, one finds the prints of the path there, one recognizes teaching, the practice there.

For the one that does not go on this path it is not obvious, but for the one who practises this mystic, these prints are absolutely obvious and do not leave any doubt about the complete identity of this perfect likeness, beyond the languages and of the historical contexts particular to each country of origin.

The specialists in yoga know the different components of Trimàrga - path towards the liberation - these three yoga are: jnana-yoga, karma-yoga and bhakti-yoga, but the majority do not know the path which, for us, is however former of them and inspired them.

Each of these three yoga has an asceticism which proposes to bring the yogi to the liberation. The path stands on three feet: The Agya. This base gathers practices which inspired the three asceticisms of Trimàrga. It is necessary to add to these three yogas of Trimàrga, the raja-yoga describes in yoga-sûtras, where we recognize our path. However raja-yoga, as it is currently practised, is not our practice also the path does not name it raja-yoga but the path.

According to our teaching, the path is older than the Hinduism that it inspired, even if the name of the path is recent and given because of this difference, evoked before, with raja-yoga as now practised. If not, it would have be named raja-yoga, but it would have been necessary to add: truth or channel-history. You understand what these names would have had of comical. One found traces, of our practice, on iconographies, potteries, going back to five thousend years before our era, in the archaeological excavations of Mohenjo daro, on the edges of Indus, in Pakistan.

For certain archaeologists this largely remains to be shown. For them the found traces would prove, at most, that at that time, in this civilisation, yoga was practised. For an enlightened the postures and the symbols which surround them say, without doubt, that in this civilisation of Indus one practised the original-yoga and one followed its Agya.

When one sees, on a pottery, a man sitting in Lotus on a high base, put on three feet one cannot prevent oneself from thinking of Agya, base of the path, on which the practice of the Walker rests. Agya has also three feet. Completion of this civilisation and the beginning dates of the Hinduism correspond perfectly and the Aryan ones, on the way towards the North of India, bringing with them the sanskrit, brought also a teaching learned in the Cashmere near the “survivors” from the civilisation coldly disappeared because of rather brutal climatic incidents.

The Religions are, for us, what remains when the carrier of the message is not any more. Then remains only the message and as the living word was shut, the human beings transform the message of origin along the years. The transmissions being often made through the buzz marketing, before being written, you imagine the distortions of the message of origin. For this reason the path may be only with a living spiritual guide. A chapter of the book is devoted on the subject of a living guide.

Facts are magnified, told by the religions and become legends full with top-facts, miracles and take care of sociocultural, historical considerations and policies that hide the pearls of the truth in the middle of a white stone heap.

You will notice that certain Verses of the book take again parts of other books, like Tao-Te-King or certain Gospels or other Holy-books. It is a purposely fact : the book is related with these works from that it takes again - very rarely - certain shorts parts which correspond, in all points, with its teaching.

The most important is the message, not the writer and translator, that is the reason why they are not mentionned.

From the book:

First part



One is the King and its Kingdom
Never born It will never cease
Reigning for eternity on all things alive and inanimate

Looking beyond the sky
Or going deep in beings and the smallest things
Only It can be seen in any forms

When we see so many beings and things
That a whole life would not be enough to describe them
We see only one negligible part of One

Larger than the conceivable universe
And smaller than the smallest particle t is all and in all

Only those which are released from the illusion can see One
Those who are still in darkness
See only Its Creation and the work of the human being

The one who can be named is not One
One cannot say its name but one can hear it
To listen to It is entering into the Kingdom

It is the container and the content the water of the river and its bed
It is the wind, the sky and the bird it is the vacuum and the fullness

Everything comes from the Eternal.
Coming from nowhere all comes from It
It does not have a beginning any beginning comes from It
It does not have an end it is at the end of all

Of all things in this world material like spiritual
It is the origin and the end

There is One in all
In star as in the stone the ocean and the living being
It contains all and nothing contains it

It always has been It will be always
But is neither in the past nor in the future
One finds It entire in the moment


One is single and one is two the Creator and the creature
The Kingdom and its King
Sky and wind outside and inside

The being created has One in him
But One in entirety is not in his inside

It is the cause and the consequence

Word is One contained

Word is the word that one cannot say
The Holy-Name that one hears and that no one could pronounce

Of the water it is the taste of the stars the light
Of the Holy-Name the two sounds
It is the music and in the human being the aptitude

Word is resulting from One and One remains in Its Kingdom

It is in the form and its force exceed all the forces of the world

The Holy-Name is Light
Since ever its Music is played and says
the will of One for the entire world

One does not have a beginning the beginning comes from It
Each created being has Word and Word is its life

Word comes from One it remains in It
And when It becomes breath entering the being created
It gives him the life and keeps contained

From dust from nothing the life was given to you
A breath comesthe life comes you are alive it is the magic of the Grace

Word is the breath that goes and comes
That enters and leaves while remaining inside

There are many noises disaccording in this world
However the Music is played in it
Hear this perfection of the breath going in and out

The breath in you resounds
It brings the present of the life at every moment
This present is beyond your hopes

You are the seat of the supreme miracle
A breath comes and fills you with life
It goes away then returns always all your life

Holy-name Word Satnam which imports
One cannot say It but hear It
It takes the Consciousness which is given itself
To give it peace

It is Light that shines inside illuminating the Spirit

Light of day light of night light of always
It dispel the suffering that darkness makes in the lost soul

The Light is Word that one sees with its open eye when the eyes are closed

The suffering is in darkness of ignorance
But when one looks at where the Light shines darkness never existed

In the least spark the whole Light shines when the Holy-Name sings

No book no handbook no erudite learns as much as one moment of Light

To see It and to contemplate It the eyes must be closed

Word and the Light are only one from One to be contained in each living being

The Light shines even when the blind person
Does not see anything and loses himself along the way
May he look inside he will see again and will find himself

If one asks you where are you from
Answer the light which was born from itself it appeared and stays in us

Contemplate the Light of One know its depth
It is the true treasure keep it for your salvation

The luminous Word plays a Music which one hears
When the silence takes all its place

Carillons sound and resound with no one to play them
Their Music gives to the soul the Love it demands

One believes to hear angels playing their instruments
When it is Word the Light that one hears

The Music of Word is the sound of silence
That hear only those which keep silent and forget themselves for the Love

These attentive souls taste Nectar that drips in their inside
And throws them in pranam irresistibly

Word the Light the Music the Nectar
Are the four faces of the life
That One puts in the being so that he lives

Jésus said if the Kingdom is in the sky
The birds will precede you
If it is in the sea the fishes will precede you
The Kingdom is in you

One and Its creation are only one
And the path which passes in the middle
Is the door that opens on the Kingdom

Humanity Earth and sky live by the Grace of One
But One even exists by Itself

All the beings are in One
And nothing of created is in It
It is at the same time in them and not in them
It is the source

As true as in the air the wind blows
In One are all the beings