Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Do not listen to the false-ego

Do not listen to the false-ego

Everyone knows only the ego. The false-ego is unknown for the majority of people, However, it is spoken about it in the Bhagavad-Gità. The ego gives to the soul an individual conscience, the false-ego, or vanity, is the result of the nescience, the confusion.confusion

Most people say ego to name what we call with the word false-ego. We are not alone : the Bhagavad-Gîtâ speaks also about the false-ego and in the same terms as the Path of Freedom and the Bhaktimàrga (the book of the path).

The ego is a gift of God: he combines the ego with a little bit of his “Matter” to create a soul. Without the addition of the ego a soul cannot be incarnated. The ego allows the soul to be aware of itself and to say “I” at the same time as it gives it the free-will, the choice between yes and no.

The false-ego is the absence of a correct positioned Conscience. A correct positionned Conscience is identified with the soul, with the Holy-Name. A badly identified Conscience believes being the social character of this life, the thoughts, the personality, the learning knowledges, the feelings and the physical body. This bad identification of the Conscience is named the nescience, in the treaty of yoga (yogasûtra) or ignorance.

This ignorance creates confusion, this confusion is the false-ego. All the defects which one usually allots to the ego, to the vanity, you should know they are the manifestations of the false-ego.

The false-ego speaks the language of the reason

The false-ego, called also the vanity,
is the consequence of a Conscience
having a bad identification.
It speaks the language of the “reason” that the « strong-minds » like.
It does everything so that the seekers does not find.
It many feathers in his cap.
At the same time it belongs to the equation, to the dynamics of the life.
It is not there by accident.
It is the Lilà1 of One which wanted it.

When we speak about the path, “professional” seekers, attached to their research at the point to refuse any answer which could put an end to it, find arguments, to put it into question, such as: “It is not necessary to follow a Master to reach the awakening”. “The Truth being in us, we are selfsufficient ”. “To each his truth”.
And to develop the gnoses of the various religions, the various methods and to quote the supposed words of died Masters, unable to validate nor to invalidate their concepts in connection with the spirituality.

''The separator likes to follow a disappeared guide
Because he doesn’t interfer with it nor impede it
[Bhaktimàrga 3-1-45]

The answer is in you

In truth the answer to all the question is inside you, not in a book, whatever it is, holy or less holy. Even the Bhaktimàrga, which is the book of the path, cannot replace the direct and personal experiment of the Peace. However, you have to known how to make this experiment.

The most difficult, to reach the main door 
of a spiritual life which can put into question your certainties, 
is to agree no knowing a great deal, 
to make clean slate of your knowledge, to tear the pages of your book 
to keep only the white ones.


That requires a great humility, a confidence in the Grace, that only proximity of the soul with One, and a sincere thirst for Truth can give. Some said, in a completely different field: “it is necessary to demolish all in order to rebuild all”. In other words: '' Empty the bowl of all the water which it contains to fill it up with milk ''.

''The Grace likes humility ''
[Bhaktimàrga 2-7-4]

The false-ego thrashes about like a devil

The false-ego thrashes about so that never you did not reach the Truth.
It takes a voice of angel and sings the praises of humility
necessary to return thanks to God and sings them so
that you listen to only him
and do not hear any more silence where the Truth is said.

On the web there are shares in connection with the money. When one writes that its exclusive search does not support that of the Truth, the insurgent reactions come there to explain that the money does not obstruct at all the spirituality provided '' to use it and not to be used by it ''. That is to say: it is sure that the money is necessary and that one can make nothing without it when it is the master key.

Do not listen to the false-ego

If “Money is the sinews of war” it is also that of the Peace. It is not the money which hinders the walk on a way of Truth but the time spent to accumulate it and the obsession where the false-ego puts you about it. It is not because the false-ego is essential to the free-will and the other face of the essential ego that you have, for as much, to believe what it lets say, inspires to your thoughts!

Do not listen to the false-ego: it does not cease to tell you about this and that to prevent you to hear the silence. It is however in the silence that all is said and shown behind the curtain of the closed eyelids.
The experiment is false because an experiment is anecdotic and that the truth is not an anecdote” Say certain quibblers, then let us exchange the word experiment by the word reality, but the words are the bricks of the wall which separates us from the truth. All is so much simpler and close to everybody, provided that one is modest and simple, sincere and thirsty of Truth. “Happy the simple-hearted…”

1/Lilà: the game that God plays with the creation, benevolent game having for purpose to join together all the Consciences incarnated in Its Kingdom (ananda). Lilà is also the game the guru plays with his disciples when he subdues their vanities to certain tests.