Sunday, July 2, 2017

To see God in truth

One speaks about God everywhere and it is possible to see Him, realy ! Oh, not in his entirety; he is infinite but partly and inside oneself. It is enough to know how to make. It is one of the techniques of th original-yoga, among other things.


It is possible to see God for truth oh…, not in full: he is infinite, but a part of Him. Lastly, it is not exactly him but the demonstration of His Grace He put in each living being. His Grace names the force of life which He implements for the achievement of His Lilà (or His divine game).

If you do not believe in God, or if this word disturbs you, then put another word at the place: One, Tao or anything else. The word doesn’t matter, in any case no word is right.
Anyway it is possible to see it, this force that is inside us as in all things. There is a way of doing to see it. It is one of the four techniques of the yoga-original’s meditation, revealed during… the Revelation!

The word God

The word, the concept, the belief and the faith in God are debatable and polemics since the idea a single God does exist, i.e. more or less six thousend years according to the religion and the country. For some it is: “Neither God nor master”. These ones for who or what do they substitute the one and the other? For Pierre-Joseph Proudhon? Not, of course! Then, Mikhaïl Aleksandrovitch Bakounine? For what do they substitute God? For the reason?

Opposition God and reason

It is vain to oppose Anarchy and God, because the anarchistic current of thought does not concern the transcendence, nor the faith, but is a current of political thought which preaches freedom, the self-management and the authoritative absence of hierarchy in the organization of the society and work. Authority being understood like authoritarianism. I know of course that a young anarchistic apprentice ironmonger will be able to recognize the authority of an ironmonger Master. Well… the word master, here, will be accepted in spite of the anarchistic motto “Neither God nor master”.

God vs science

For others, the atheists, the concept of God is made obsolete by the science and even if the science does not explain all yet, they refuse to put transcendence where the explanation misses. They think that no higher reason governs their existence and at their death they will join the actors of ammonification.

Contrarily to Richard Dawkins, the writer of these lines does not believe that “science and rationalism are a motorway towards atheism” and nothing that the science does not prove, not more the big-bang that the evolutionism, does not come to deny that there is a Divine principle responsible for the life.

The free will

If God wants, all the men will believe in him… no, it is a joke, because God gave to human being the free-will and thus he is free to believe in a God or not to believe in him. If the paradise existed its access would be influenced by the fact of believing in God, in several or in no one: it would be opened to very honest man, according to the definition that the moralists of the seventeenth century gave to it, the concept of social class excluded.

“I believe only what I see, like Saint Thomas”,
some do not even believe what they see.
It is possible for each human being to see God,
to really see him, with their eyes,
as one sees an orange put in a fruit dish
or anything else visible.

See God 

Yes, for those who do not know that can appear impossible, but for those who see him with their eyes it is true. Impossible to confuse this vision with a figure of speech, a stylistic effect nor a hallucination. When you never had hallucination, your are not schizophrenic and you don’t take narcotics, why the vision of God will be a hallucination?

Some say: “I want to see God” and do not see him, others do not ask anything and see him, others still see him and do not know that they see him, putting another name on their vision. Others would like to have a conversation with God and this desire will never be appeased because God does not say anything to the men by words, in any languages it may be, you can have conversations with God but they are monologues. If he hears, God does not answer. Be wary if he answers: it is undoubtedly the wolf which disguises itself in lamb to penetrate the sheep-fold or a disease of your psychism which requires you to consult a specialist.

''The evil has so many names, it is false-ego, unconsciousness,
Evil and the separator ''
[Bhaktimàrga 1-4-31]

God or life

If the word God disturbs the atheists it is possible to replace it by the made up word: vital-energy… vital energy exists, that is impossible to call into question. Without vital energy there is no life. When vital energy leaves the body, this one is corrupted to turn over to the cycle of carbon and from somebody it becomes corpse, before turning over to dust.

When you ask questions to the vital-energie, it does not give another answer only that which answers all the questions without having to be asked. The vital-energy gives the only answer which does not need question to exist and to have relevance. The ceaseless miracle of the Life, our own life and that of the Creation is the answer to all the questions.

Love in capital letter

God is tall and the world is one of the room of his house, in the city of God: the Kingdom [as Christ said]. The Grace of God also exists and it is not, of Him, the sign of his magnanimity, his kindness but one of his qualities like the fact of being liquid is one of water qualities. Like the Love: it is also one of God’s qualities. We write Love with a capital letter, when it is about God, to differentiate it from the love [with a lowercase] that the human one has for the people or the things which he appreciates.

Anyway Love, god, happiness, Peace, satisfaction are only words which mean something for the english-speaking people. For the German-speaking ones they do not say anything, not more than for the mandarin speakers.


Does the word peach name a fruit, but which fruit? A good fruit? A bad fruit? The first eaten peach a summer day of our childhood, fresh, sweet and juicy is it the same as that one bought in the hypermarket, without taste and farinaceous? No, however the word remains the same one. For God it is similar: he does not have the same meaning according to whether one believes in him or not, according to whether one is Christian, Jewish, Moslem or Hindu.

God exists, whatever the name that we give to him and when we see him in an other manner than hallucinating, we cannot not believe in him. Also you who are reading this text, you can see God [or your vital-energy] inside you; while turning your vision towards the interior of you. There is a technique of Meditation which makes it possible to see, then to look at a shining Light inside you even the night and which is a demonstration of this life animating us and which you can name God. We have this technique, in the path.

This Inner-Light, some will see it
as stars which scintillate on a bottom of night,
others like a white task
and for others they do not see any thing else but it.
The technique of Meditation allowing to see this Light
is one of the four techniques revealed of the original-yoga.