Monday, April 24, 2017

The seekers of truth


Many people consider themselves as seekers but there are many kinds of seekers: some who seek answers and some who seek just because they like to seek, collecting the answers without never stopping on one. These types are described here.

The various seekers

Among the people who are not satisfied to simply exist so as to exist and who seek a major meaning to their life, there is the atheist who believes neither in a God, nor in a transcendence not more than in a main cause and which lives in this world without hope of an after.

There is the believer who inherited his religion from his parents. He believes and has no questions. He is deaf with any voice coming from the outside. He does not have any doubt.

There is the seeker who was not satisfied with what he has been taught and who looks around. He carries his glance far and reads books written in other languages, with other words where are exotic practices full with singing words and heady perfumes. Among this kinds of seekers there is:

The bookish

He seeks especially books and concepts and, as with a lego, manufactures a custom-tailored faith, taking here and there what consolidates him in his intuitions and his concepts. He creates a sort of syncretism, of mental construction which will vary in doing some readings and meetings. Each met precept will be compared to the standard of his a-priori.

''When your mind has passed through the wall of illusion
all your concepts will be gone.''
[Bhaktimàrga 1-4-45]

He who doubts

The second one is full with questionings, doubts and hopes. He doubts of himself, hopes for something without knowing what and turned on the right and left without never being satisfied with what he meets. He reads, also, discusses and admires those which say knowing but doubts to know in turn.


The first seeker is attached to his research: he sought so much, seeks so much still as he became a research professional. He piles up the concepts, the words and the innovations. But he never will couple on a way rather on another so much his mental construction, fruit of his research, fasten him. He became a seeker and lives for this research. To find is not his goal.

''The attachment is made with burning and endless desires
which chain you to the fruits of your acts ''
[Bhaktimàrga 1-2-32]

The second seeker knows that he does not know 
and his doubts allow him the modesty. 
He aspires to an intuition who would come from he does not know where
but which would fill him entirely. 
To seek does not satisfy him. 
The intuition which pushes him ahead 
comes from a hidden memory at the deepest of him,
that of the Peace which lives inside him since ever 
and which he does not know any more so much the noises of the world
take all the place of his Conscience

The warriors

Certain seekers know that it is necessary for them to tend towards the best and that they carry in them the weight which draws them downwards. They furbish their weapons and prepare with the war. They chose their captain, that which will guide them, in the battle to come, and will have to lead them to the victory: themselves ! They do not know who they are but count on themselves, on their own forces to attack, then to overcome, this inertia full with darkness which attaches them where Peace may not be.

There is in each one as somebody who takes pleasure in unconsciousness, the concepts and the self-love. This somebody does not have a name, or has thousands of them according to whether one is from here or there. Here is one which is worth others of them: “that-which-separates”, false-ego, devil. As its name says it well it cannot be united and does not want it. Each time its host goes in the right direction it always finds a flower, on the side, that it will pick thus moving away from the way to the risk of meeting the wolf.

The traps

If the host is, definitely, attracted by the things of God and defies himself of it, it will find the words to keep it under its influence like:God is tall, I am very small… I do not deserve it ” or: “the devil malicious, it is necessary to fight it and overcome it ” “and if I learned all this small written big book by heart, each word, each comma? I would be holy and so much worse if I must devote to it all my time during so many years! '' '' I do not have time, when I am old I will do ” finally… Anything provided that occupies its host without risk for itself. 

Never nobody has defeated and never, in Truth, nobody will overcome the evil. The human is so weak! Oh, for killing each other, destroy the species which cohabit with him on the planet he is very powerful ! To overcome his stupidity, his meanness, his heaviness, his unconsciousness he does not have any force. Even for simply overcoming his sexual desire, of nicotine, food in abundance, recognition he is weak. Then as regards overcoming, in him, “that-which-separates” !

To achieve the goal

However it is his goal and he will have to reach it and he will reach it with certainty as true as one and one are two, one day or the other. What the time seen from the eternity? Nothing. But he will need help to do it.

God, his Grace which is inside you 
since your birth, can help you. 
This Grace is as a rain which runs all the time. 
It is enough to place you below. 
To place you below is what you can do. 

Some, motivated, make Titan efforts, give everything and inflict themselves deprivations, a terrible asceticism to reach this Grace and yet they don’t put themselves below because they do not go to the good place. A sine qua non condition is necessary to be placed at the place where the Grace runs inside you and this condition is to admit that you cannot anything, lowering the weapons, making conceal your claims and requiring the assistance: to call the Help.

Make a request, and it will be answered; what you are searching for you will get; 
give the sign, and the door will be open to you
[matthieu 7:7]