Monday, April 3, 2017

A chronic frustration

There is an inner frustration that nothing coming from the human beings, the possessions and the pleasures can satisfy and this frustration does not stop becoming unbearable. What is its origin?

Either the happiness nor the unhappiness depend obligatorily 
on your material, sentimental situation: 
it might be that you have everything to be happy 
and that a chronic frustration throws a gray veil on your life. 

Some will consult a psychologist, others will be resigned in this state, others still will seek something to fill this lack. It could be work, consuming, love affairs, a passion, the alcohol, the game, the narcotic, the takings risk. 

Nothing outside you will be able to solve the problem 

If the way of forgetting this hole inside you is different according to people, the lack has the same origin. Nothing outside you will be able to fill this hole. There are so many people who spend their existence running after the satisfaction and at the evening of their life, have the bitter aknowledgement they did not achieve it. 


The existence is not so long 
that you can spend it to run after something 
that it is not possible to say the name nor where it is. 
Spent time cannot be started again. 

Are we it country where it is the less the good to live ?

Our modern countries are the countries in the world where we consume the most tranquillizers and antidepressants. Is this, for all that, the countries where it is the less good to live? No, then, what is going wrong? What is wrong has not to be seeking in the country nor in its policies. What is wrong is inside you. The external reasons are only crystallization points of the discomfort.

This aknowledgement done, I must tell you that there is a solution, an answer. This answer is inside you and the path, its yoga can help you to find it.

You can ask for assistance here.

''Only the humble can demand '' 
[Bhaktimàrga 2-7-10]