Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Satsang : It is you, but which one?

This Satsang speaks about you, about who you are and about whom you believe to be: when do you say “my soul”, as if it were your possession, that means that you do not consider it as being you, then? Who speaks? Who are you ?

It is you, but which one?

I said you the goal of the path, its purpose, was to look further into your Conscience and to put it at the good place… but what is the Conscience? The Conscience is what allows to see, to hear, to feel, to touch, to be the master of your mind, at the controls of your body, to feel the taste of what you eat, to be able to put a name on what you see and to direct your eyes where you want to look at. The Conscience is also to hear and identify the heard sounds, it is also the fact of being able to say what you have to say, to find the words to say it, it is to be alive. That is the Conscience.

The Conscience is like this green control lamp which says the device is under tension, it works. That is the Conscience… this Conscience works because there is energy, because the battery is full, full with vital force. This force is the Te, that one of the Tao-Te-King, the Verb, the Word, the Holy-Name. This force is the one of the life and you have it contained inside you. It makes that you are alive in Conscience. Your heart beats, you breathe and the computer of your brain works. You open the eyes in the morning and the session, put on hold the previous evening, is reset and you find your desk and the use of your applications.

The life force
That is the life force, that you are not dead and the Conscience is a phenomenon, it is to be aware… but who is aware? Which part of you? Who is you? What is it? It depends: the incarnated you or the disembodied? Because the incarnated you is not monolithic, made up of only one part. You, is also your education, the memory you have of your parents, of your childhood… but when you are not incarnated, you are you as well! But disembodied, you are not this person you believe to be, you have not the memory of your past nor your personality, your ego. You are the soul.

As long as you are alive, you are this you who remembers, who has these hands, this face, this voice, this you that everyone sees and who changes with the passing time. You are this you when you are incarnated. There are no others available you than this one. The one who sees, who hears is the mind. In the brain, there is a flow and this flow, excepted the neuro-transmitters, is the same one whether to make the brain working or to make blood circulatin or the lungs working and the muscles. You are also this force.

The mind can be identified with several things, it can be identified with the body, then you play sport, you spend your existence to think about your food, you make of plastic surgery etc. Even if, in truth, you are also your body and that you have to take care of your body, like a motorist takes care of his car… you are not only this body. If you are identified with your mind, you are a cerebral person and you neglect your body. Is it schematic? Yes, I know, it is on purpose.

Say I by being your soul
If you are identified with the inner-peace, you are somebody of the inside. If there were a goal which you could reasonably plan to reach, from my point of view, it would not be to reach the liberation of the samsâra chains. What does it mean all of that? It is so far away, so theoretical, conceptual, about the belief… not, the most reasonable purpose of the spirituality would be that when you say I it would be really you who say it and not the idea you have about you.

When you say: “my soul”, which person does say it? If you say “my soul” it is not your soul which speaks, if not you would say I. It is well the mind which says that: if he says “my soul”, that means it considers it like a third person. The goal is that one day, when you speak about it, you can say: '' the mind''. If you say '' the mind '' that means that you speak from the point of view of the soul, that you are the soul. But it is not enough to say it to be aware of it, it is not a magic formula!

You are, during this existence, a being made up of several parts, the body, the mind and the soul, which work in synergy and in interdependence but sometimes you are aware to be you, the soul, and other times you believe being your thoughts. It is always you. Sometimes the false-ego expresses itself posing as you… when you are identified to the true you, then you are you and when you believe to be something else, you generate this false-ego which loses you.

The locked up soul
Sometimes the soul is disconnected from the mind, like in this disease, the syndrome of seclusion, where the mind is waked up and completely conscious, it sees and hears everything, but can neither let move the body nor speak. The mind let the soul express itself, it lends it its words, its concepts, its thoughts and its comprehension. Do not forget: we are made up of three parts in synergy.

But do not stay on the surface of the things, obnubilated by the charms of the apparent, by the Màyà, the illusion. If you are thus deceived, if you remain on the surface of the things, this background noise that makes the shade of the ego, the false-ego, you end by hearing only it and believe that these noises are your thoughts. Change the place, go where it is not, in the center, by the Observance of the Agya. Do not identify solely with your thoughts, your memory, your memories, your personality, your photographs of youth… it is you often, but not the deep essential you, the one of the moment out of time.

The false-ego is glad when you search your soul, when you become pure, that you let sing Tibetan bowls, burn incense and sing bhajans! During this time you seek your soul, you are not conscious that it is your true deep identity. The rituals without Knowledge (the shruti) are vain and lose you on a dead end, full with beautiful colors, beautiful songs and good perfumes.

If it must dress as a buddhist monk, to misleading you better, the false-ego does it! and you will learn by heart entire books, and the names of the Gods, deities and under-Gods, mantras, rituals and the words of wisdom. It doesn’t care false-ego: you can crucify yourselves at Easter, whip you with nettles while saying worse than to hang about it; as long as you are occupied with other thing that with the Truth. It doesn’t matter, if God is of your interest it will speak to you about God! and that will make a religion.

If you spend your life to think about God, you are in confusion and the duality, a mystical confusion, a Buddhist confusion, an esoteric confusion but a confusion anyway! Yoga, the union is to be re-identified with yourself, to find yourself, to gather yourself, be one, to return to yourself and to keep the gold wire which is the Conscience of yourself. You must again be able to say: “me the soul, I”. Just practise. To meditate, to be in the Agya is the only means to keep this gold wire and I am here for you to say it and to repeat it to you.