Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What is our yoga

A clarification about the name original-yoga, result of the web hosts which refused many names until that one. Though this name is suitable because the yoga of the path is the ancestor of all traditional and mystics yoga.

What is our yoga

What is the original-yoga? This name is simply the result of a technical necessity due to internet: at the moment of choosing a domain name to create a blog, this name was imperative. However it is not deprived of meaning, indeed the path can be considered as the original yoga.

It is difficult to explain the path of freedom to those who do not practise it. It exists for a very long time, even if the name is recent: since the Conscience of the human being evolved enough to be accessible to the transcendence, it turned inward.

It happened very long time ago, at the bottom of the prehistoric caves and we found tracks of its practice which date of more than 8000 years ago, on the banks of the Indus.

Many Westerners put on the word yoga the sometimes reducing representation of a kind of spirit and body gymnastic to find a harmony to be.

The follower of the original yoga will recognize its teaching in the treatise of the original-yoga, the words of the Christ. He will also recognize it in the life of Sri Gautama as well as in the words of Lao-Tseu, Krishna, of guru Nanak and of many more. The Truth of this teaching is the property of any period, of any country, any religion, any philosophy.