Monday, March 20, 2017

Fragments of happiness

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People are not satisfied with obvious facts of the world: they ask themselves questions without finding of satisfactory answers. Sometimes flashes of Conscience come to disturb their concepts and bring a feeling that fills them and then this feeling disappears.

These people know that the reality of the human society is not the only one, because they lived, in a often fleeting way, a state of well-being which they did not know how to name nor find upon request. This state let them discover that something else is possible which silences any questions when their attention sees only it.

These people do not know how to name nor qualify what happened to them, but they know that it was good, that it was the Peace

The search

Then they seek to find this met Peace, not that they feel at war, but because nothing of what they knew has never brought them this full satisfaction felt in the course of the moment.

The existence, in the world of the duality is not necessarly a pensum nor a suffering and the tasting of a Bourgogne aligoté (white burgundy) , at the same time as a good warm and crunchy bread used as an edible plate to a perfectly refined époisses cheese, is not to neglect.

It is not because the world of the humanity is often wonderful and because the existence is not necessarily made of sufferings that it is necessary to neglect, however, what is beyond these flashes of lightning of Conscience which sometimes come to put, on a day, their matchless Light.

Regrettably it is true that the suffering is a much better engine for a seeker than the happiness. The confusion adds to the suffering and the questions stream without an answer comes to satisfy the quest. 

Questions without answer

Then the seeker starts to doubt of himself, 
he looks at the world through the deforming glasses of the subjectivity. 
The more one has doubts, the more one has answers 
and the more these answers call other questions. 


"When a seeker finds he is overwhelmed by the Grace
[Bhaktimàrga 1-3-22]

Sometimes an right answer comes to you and you reject it while admitting its accuracy. Why? Because there is inside of everybody a not very eager actor of adventures. This actor calculated the average of your sufferings and your joys and, because he knows them well and that they reassure it, he put up with it.


Then you put your quest on hold and continue to exist going from good moments in less good, as one jumps of a stone to the other to cross a river. The quest becomes a cherished craze to not betray completely the one you have been, by promising you that: “When I will have time, when I will have solved my problems I’ll take again my quest ”.


It is like this poet desperate that his writings did not find their readers and who retires his rhymes and his feet. But the Peace is obstinate and returns to remember to you with the turning of a beautiful day spent between friends or of a beautiful moment of loneliness. 

Why should you change?

Because you do not hate yourselves, you do not want to change as if the experience of the true Peace would to make of you someone else! The concepts transformed the spirituality into asceticism where the deprivations should purify your soul and your daily existence. The Judaeo-Chistian culture accustomed you to the necessary suffering. 


"He who imposes to himself a severe ascesis, but not conforme to the Agya, 
Is guided by the spiritual-ego and tortures the soul as the evil does"
[Bhaktimàrga 2-2-23]

But in Truth it is not a question of changing whatever it is of you! To change what? Your ego? Your character? Your soul? The ego and the soul cannot be changed. They are both in their place. You do not have any power on them. What has to be done is to change your point of view, to place your Conscience where the vision becomes clear and free from illusion.

What transforms the ego into interior enemy
whereas without him you would not be nor would not remain incarnated,
it is the confusion and the lack of Conscience. 


"The soul comes from One, the Grace gives it flesh by the ego offered in present, 
So that the body has a conscience
[Bhaktimàrga 1-2-12]

If you want to really change something in you, then change your state of conscience and if you do not know how to do, ask here