Friday, March 3, 2017

Satsang: the Grace, karma of the Observance

The Grace, karma of the Observance

The life in Conscience is the life in color, as if the Holy-Name, as well as the technique of Meditation of the same name, and its strictly physiological side, this side of the wave which comes and which goes, that the feeling of sweetness and Peace felt, it is as it would be about a whiper cleaning a dirty windscreen. Each wave, each passage of the Holy-Name does like a brush which repaints our existence, giving back to it colors and clarity.

"The breath in you brings the Grace to be alive " [Bhaktimàrga 1-1-26]

"The miracle of the breath fills you with life it goes away then returns all the time till the end " [Bhaktimàrga 1-1-27]

Do your share

But this automatic movement does not repaint automatically our vision of the world, does not clear up it automatically, it is necessary to put your attention at the right place and on the right way to take advantage of this benefit. It is necessary to do your share ! The ploughshare of a plow will never give wheat if it stays at the bottom of a barn.

The Conscience of the Holy-Name gives not only colors and clarity to your lives, it also reveals flavors in your numb senses and above all that the harmony of the Grace which, like in a citare, vibrates of its own when you play it. You caress some strings and a whole set of the other strings, on which you do not act, vibrate in harmony giving a additional dimension to the music you are playing.

The Grace is a little bit like these strings on which you do not act but that begin vibrating when you play strings which you can play. They resound and amplify the harmony created by your play. Your acts take all their dimension by the harmony of the Grace when you are in the Duty, in the Conscience of the Holy-Name, observing the Agya.

The musicians of the Grace

The music of your existence is partly played by your acts and partly by the echo which they have by the Grace. I do not speak about the Karma, in this particular case. The karma is the result of your acts when you are not in the Conscience of the Holy-Name, in the Duty. When you are in the Observance, the result of your acts is the Grace. The difference is that the Grace goes in the direction of the slope of God's Lilà, so obeying his intention. What is this intention? Do not worry about it, be sure that it is for your complete well-being.

"The nonaction is Grace and harmony " [Bhaktimàrga 2-3-4]

When you meditated on the inner-Light, and when you saw it, even a little, there remains something, on your soul, like a retinal resistance for the eye of the physical body and the photonic light. This kind of persistent impression stays during the day and it enlightens it, gives to your vision a particular acuteness.

If you did not see the Inner-Light by meditating, feel reassured, it is within you and there is not only a slope in the mountain of the Meditation. A blind person will have the more developed sense of touch and can, thanks to that, read the Braille. If you do not see the Inner-Light by practising the technique of the Light, you will have other internal senses which will develop. When the water which flows is hampered it always find a way by which to flow.

The devotion, Bhakti

By the Observance and due to enjoying its fruits the gratitude grows up inside you and when it reaches certain critical point this gratitude becomes the devotion, in India they say Bhakti, the pearl of the path. Like the humility, like the real understanding, intimate Knowledge, Bhakti cannot be invented, made with concepts and with rites. The rites do not bring Bhakti to the soul of the follower but the pietism. It is when the follower feels Bhakti that he likes rites, the devotional songs, the ghee lamp, the prashad and all these sorts of things. Here is the good order, how things really take place.

"Singing the glory of the Lord in pranam, determinated in the Observance of the Agya, the premie have only love and devotion " [Bhaktimàrga 2-6-13]

The devotion is like the moon’s light… it is the reflection of the sun’s one. A devotee reflects the Love which he receives, in conscience, when he understands confidentially, spiritually due to frequenting the inner-Peace.

We are alive in a human body, on a telluric planet and we have a dharma to assume that is why, like the biggest ships, we are ballasted. This ballast is our materiality, our sensualism, our mind and our false-ego. Be carefull the ballasts are not too full at the risk of sinking. Here is the utility of the Agya and, by the Satsang of the living master his teaching: to stay at the surface just with the necessary materiality at the bottom of the Conscience. This existence is offered to us, do not refuse it. He/she who believing to be bound to God, refuses any materiality, any pleasure is the toy of the spiritual-ego. The spiritual guide is there to avoid you this stumbling block, provided you to request him !

The prize of your freedom is the ego and the ego is at the origin of the false-ego but nothing is outside God's control. Trust Him.

"The soul comes from One, the Grace gives it flesh, by the ego offered in present, so that the body has a conscience " [Bhaktimàrga 1-2-12]