Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Many questions were raised

Many questions were raised

Many questions are asked about the spirituality, about God, about the soul and about the purpose of the existence. Many answers are given which have just aroused other questions. Nevertheless in all these questions a unique answer exists since ever, simple and perfect ! Some ask themselves complicated questions and wish to receive answers which are for their measure: complicated.

"Better a good answer than thousand questions"
[Bhaktimàrga 2-1-11]

The Truth is a hidden treasure

The Truth is a treasure hidden by the fog of an infinity of answers. These answers have the merit to satisfy the amateur of confusion who bustles at the bottom of you. The seeker looks like this patient who goes to his doctor's and complains about an important fatigue. The doctor, finding no sign of disease, and learning that the patient goes to bed every night at two o'clock to get up at six, prescribes him to go to bed earlier.

The patient comes frustrated out of the consultation. He goes to another doctor who makes him a long prescription and send him to a laboratory in order to make some analysis. The patient comes satisfied out and full of admiration for this doctor.

The seeker likes the complex things

The seeker likes the complex things for regards to the spirituality. He sees only secret rooms, discovered after a way full of pitfalls, where he can receive revelations reserved for elected representatives: Indiana Jones in search of the lost soul 

He speaks about chakras, about astral, reincarnation, spirits, entities, hermetic symbols, apocalyptic predictions, hidden meaning and he interprets the sacred writings according to his own concepts. He twists the simple Truth until it enters the concept he made from scratch.

He is sometimes waiting for a master who will have to look like the idea he has of him.
This master will have to smile all the time, be of an unchanging peace,
walking in this world without being a member of it.
He will have to despise the money
and move everywhere by the only strength of the divine grace
the representative of which he is.

"A guide is not obliged to be as the image that you have of a guide"
[Bhaktimàrga 3-1-33]

When the seeker will meet him his aura will be so brilliant that he will know immediately he is the person he was waiting for. Other times the seeker deny the idea of a guide asserting that the truth is inside him and he does not need anybody.

The Truth is like this letter of Edgard Poe's novel

The Truth is like this letter of Edgard Poe's novel, which everybody looks for and which nobody sees because it is simply shown right in the middle of the office’s wall.

The most difficult is not the Truth, the most difficult is to remove the veil of confusion masking the look and preventing to see what bursts the eyes. The Revelation of the four techniques takes a few moments, the preparation for the Revelation takes longer.

It looks like a funnel which leads to the Light: at the top a large surface where reign the questions, the doubts, the concepts, the opinions and the preventions. At the bottom a slender passage where only the seeker and his need of peace can skip. The rest must be left on-the-spot. Impossible to bring it with you, it does not come through.

"Among thousands of persons only one will seek the perfection,
Among those who will find it rare the one who will forget oneself for It "
[Bhaktimàrga 2-4-17]