Tuesday, March 14, 2017

There is within you such a stability

En français

There is within you such a sweetness, such a Peace 
as you should authorize nothing and nobody 
to turn you away from it. 
If all around you people are getting restless , 
going by in a hurry, 
you are not obliged to follow them 
nor to walk so fast. 


There is within you such a stability as it is enough to put your attention on it to become so stable like it. You can stay in it as aboard a fearless vessel at the heart of the storm and look, in complete safety, go up towards you waves which will never touch you. 


They will not affect you if you remain seated aboard the vessel and even though you would land abruptly that would happen nothing to you because, really, the torments, into which this landing would plunge you, would be only a bad dream, as to be seasick by staying on the ground. 

Sometimes flashes of lightning come


Sometimes outburts of irritation come abruptly, as flashes of lightning in a summer sky, to attract you outside your shelter, but do not let them do and turn your attention, with even more strength, towards this shelter where everything is quiet, in Peace since and for ever.

Sometimes you are annoyed because of something or somebody, then put back your attention in the center of you. Every time you feel the incomprehension, the impatience, the frustration dive back even more where the Peace stays. 

It is there, keeping warm

It is there, keeping warm inside you, and when you go with it and look at the countryside surroundings, you recognize its rhythm and understand that you are a part of it. There is indeed somebody, inside you, who likes getting excited, going faster, saving time, finishing hardly begun, but don't pay any attention to him, do not trust him. 


"Go in the inner Kingdom and stay in the most perfect Peace"
 [Bhaktimàrga 1-3-18]

There is inside your a so beautiful Peace, so simple and so true and if you do not know how to go to find it, ask here.