Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The meditation

The meditation

What is meditation? When we speak about the path, about the original-yoga, we speak about the Meditation. The word yoga meant Freedom, at the writing time ofthe treaty of the yoga, implied freedom from the influence of the mind's fluctuations. The word yoga meant union at about the eighth century AD, that is three hundred years after the treaty of the yoga’s end writing , because of the interpretation giving by a wandering mystic or samnyāsin : Adi Shankara.

To meditate is to unite yourself. Unite yourself with what, to what? If you are religious you can tell God's part, that he left inside you. In fact it is a question of gathering its Conscience scattered in things, the thoughts, the desires etc.

"The Freedom is the indifference to the activities of the mind" [treatise of yoga 12]

There are numerous manners to meditate. For some the meditation is a reflection of the thought, for others it is something else. The Meditation serves to reset with this pole of stability which is in yourself in ordrer to take certain hindsight with the mental whirlwind.

It would be true to say that " the Meditation begins where stops the thought ". It is necessary to recognize however that saying that is to ignore a phase of the Meditation, Dhàrana. According to the yoga-sûtra of Patanjali, It is the stage of concentration before dhyàna and samadhi, the deepest phases.

We could then say that " The contemplation begins where stops the thought ". But it is impossible to put an end to the thought. The thought does not stop but it is possible to extract, not to listen to it anymore.

It is necessary to be not disturbed any more by the thoughts, the sensations if we want to dive into the deep Conscience, then…. how can it be done? It is a question of putting its attention somewhere else that in your thoughts. Certain yogi or devotees use outer supports as mantras, prayers, oraisons, mandalas, lights of candles etc. The purpose being to let emerge the bliss which is inside you. The Revelation of the four techniques and the Agya of the path allow to make it by giving inner supports to the Meditation. It is not about mantra either postures or even the prànàyàma.

It is the question of identification, to believe that we are what we think. The thought is a tool which always has to stay under the control of the Conscience. You are not your thoughts. There is no question to despise the intelligence nor the knowledge. But the brain is not you, it is your embedded computer and the knowledge are the data entered him. The mental is an operating system.

You are your Conscience. Obviously those who deny the superiority of the soul will never understand this notion. Normal: they believe only in their brain and it can understand only what is in its plan, that of the phenomena, knowledge and logic.

That is why the quantum physics is so difficult to understand, even for the physicists. The most committed in this scientific discipline arrive all at God. Without God nothing is understandable at the end of the end of the explanations. 

The path is based on the Meditation. It requires no learning other than the Revelation of the four techniques and the regular practice to bear fruits. To receive this Revelation: contact.

"The sight in conscience sees One in everything, the one of the illusion sees only the forms" [Bhaktimàrga 1-1-5]