Tuesday, February 28, 2017

You who suffer

You who suffer

You who suffer, who you feel lost and alone, 
who don’t know what to do any more of you 
and who remain standing by the roadside, 
know that your life is precious. 
Its value doesn’t depend on any money which you have 
nor of the number of people who appreciate you, 
no more than of the social utility 
which you believe to have or not to have. 

"The Conscience is the Grace of the incarnation its free-will causes error and suffering"
 [Bhaktimàrga 1-3-12]

Its value doesn’t depend on your physical appearance. It is big for the Creator, as big as any lives. A soul is a soul. None is more or less worth than an other one.

If you stopped believing what the masters of the money, other people, your doubts, your fears and your thoughts say, you would feel the Peace and the Love who are inside you as well as all the attention of the Grace.

Accept no suffer anymore

Accept no suffer anymore, to want more what you have, accept to be there to do what you are doing or not. This way of the acceptance is sometimes difficult but it is the way to find the Peace.


The satisfaction is inside you and doesn’t depend on the size of you television screen, no more than on the year model of your car, on your social status nor on the house where you live. 

You can live it if you accept to loosen the fists, 
to accept you such as you believe to be 
and to turn your attention towards the place, inside you, 
where the Peace lies since your birth and up to the end. 
If you do not know how to do, ask those who do it.

The time spent on this Earth is not long, don’t make as those who live as if they had to stay there for ever, amassing the properties, the residences, the capital, the relations, the influence, the obligees, the subordinates, the power, the gold, the grounds. All these quests are not worth coming on this Earth and forgetting the essential. 


"The reason of your life is to return to One in full Conscience and freedom"
[Bhaktimàrga 1-3-14]

Start worrying about what you are in fact, about this inner Peace and look for the means to find it. Let you love and love in return the one who loves you without waiting for anything else of you but your happiness and your Conscience.

There is inside you all the consolation you need and somebody attentive in your suffering, all the time. It is really possible to do it.