Monday, February 20, 2017

What to do with your life

We aspire to the Peace of the beginning

Some persons suffer from a chronic pain that no cause can explain. This pain that nothing can relieve is the absence of Conscience. In Kindergarten you had this Conscience, Conscience of the instant. Because you forgot it, you cannot identify this absence and you look elsewhere for what is inside you.

You forgot this happiness but you aspire to it, 
looking for it everywhere without finding it. 
Nothing that the human society offers you, 
as to marry, to buy a house, to have a professional career 
can quench your thirst.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mary and have children, nor it is vain to buy a house, to have a good job. But these things can only bring the satisfactions they carry. The quest of these things shouldn’t prevent you to aspire to a deeper, essential satisfaction. This quest is not the purpose of the living.

Loving a person and be loved from this person won’t bring you the happiness. This sentimental love will give you what it carries in it and it is very good, why not ? But the true happiness doesn’t depend on what is outside you. The purpose of the living is not to share it with an other living being. When we have the Grace to find a person with whom we can share our existence, it is very nice and very fulfilling but it shouldn’t replace the personal spiritual approach.

Two persons will never form one

Two persons will never form one. Each soul is unique with a personal destiny. It doesn’t prevent to meet a person with whom the relationship is perfect. But this person is not born at the same time than you did and will not disembodie at the same moment either. His soul won’t follow you where you will go at the end. Even if you disembody at the same time, you will go separate ways.

Do you want to be really clear ? Then give up your illusions ! It is not sad, the Truth of your life, of your condition of human being, at the opposite ! 

To enjoy the pleasures of this existence,
it is good to find and then to draw
from the Source of all satisfactions. 
Then, you can go and see elsewhere and enjoy this existence. 
Go to the source, then open you to the rest. 
This is the right order and not the other way round : 
go to the rest to find the source.

This source is inside you, it makes you alive. What does a seeker seeks ? The cure of the suffering. To find it, the solution is to be aware. A baby is aware. To be aware let you go back to this simple happiness. The path gives you the tools to reach this : the four revealed techniques of meditation, the Agya and the teaching of the living master.

You’ve heard surely from the light, from the Light, from the warriors of the light…this Light exists really and it is possible to see it with your eyes. This big white light, that some says having seen during a near death experience, is shining inside you all your life. You just have to know how to do to see it. One of the four revealed techniques of the path allows to see this Light, to see it really.

It is not enough to see this Light. Your life has a purpose, a reason. It is not just a question to live in order to accumulate good karma in preparation for your next incarnation as a lot of buddhists believe, nor to deserve the liberation of the soul from the samsàra chains ! What should you do with your life ?

I know what to do with it : live it in full Conscience and give thank to whom that gives it to you at each moment. There is no need to seek further, it is enough, believe me. God gives you this gift and doesn’t want something else as you to accept him and enjoy it. When a father offers a present to his child, his joy is that the child enjoy it ! It is as simple as that.

The chains that attach you

In your existence, there are others chains as these from the samsàra and these chains have hundreds of links. You know, the chain used on an anchor, it doesn’t keep the ship fixed. The weight of the chain, over the whole length holds the ship in place. There are two more important links than the others, the ones of the two ends : the one that attaches the the anchor to the chain and the one that attaches the chain to the ship.

The chains that attach you are made from hundreds of links and these links are your attachments. There is an attachment that is stronger than the others, it is the attachment to yourself. You are attached to a self-image, but this image is an illusion. If you would manage to get rid of this attachment, it would be as if the first link of the chain, the one that bind the ship, has been detached : the whole chain would sink and the ship could follow its way towards its haven.

"The attachment is made with burning and endless desires 
Which chain you to the fruits of your acts
[Bhaktimàrga 1-2-32]

But this attachment is the strongest, then begin, if you want to release yourself, with less strong attachments. But how can you detach ? It is impossible to detach yourself waking up in the morning and saying : «  I am going to detach myself today from this or that ». No, before detaching yourself, you have to attach yourself to something else, to something that frees you. It is the purpose of the original yoga : to give you this thing that frees you, this thing to which you can attach you.

It is necessary to know as well from which self you have to detach. How can you make the distinction between your true self and the self made by the others ? This is the purpose of the path too, to allow you to make this distinction, to have this discernment.

I often read on the web that it would be necessary to connect to our soul. 
But if we are not connected to our soul 
and it is necessary to do that, who is not connected ?
If you assume that you are your soul, 
who want to connect to it ? 
The purpose of the path is to allow you to see clearlier 
in all of these notions. 

You are mistaken the identity. You are not the one you believe to be but your soul. Your learned knowledge, your concepts are the fruits of the PC of your body, the brain and you are the operator. If you don’t master it, it goes literally freewheel. This is what causes the problems. Don’t let your brain without master, without Conscience.

You are not your personality. Your are the one that your are since your birth ! The personality varies according to the events but your nature doesn’t vary. Find youself. How ? Ask for more explanations on the contact page from the blog and you will get an answer. Then you are free to accept or not. Meanwhile don’t give to much confidence in your concepts, in what you believe to know and don’t hold so much on your opinion on things.