Monday, February 20, 2017

The true détachement

When it is about detachment as an essential virtue to the spirituality some people worry and speak about the utility to take advantage of its senses, the beauty which they see to get involved in this world and in the human relations.

The same do not understand that we are wary of the race to the money. They explain that a house where to live is neede and an automobile to move and ask to what would be of use long studies if you should not hope to remove from it legitimate returns on investment etc.

They also say that it is necessary to love his spouse, his parents, his children and his friends, that to remain a solitary person and poor is not desirable. They are right! 

The detachment is not the lack of interest, the insensitivity, 
the misanthropy nor the social banishment. 
There is the indifference and, what in India we named, 
the real detachment. 

To want to increase your Conscience doesn’t mean going in the middle of the forest to live in hermit there. The spiritual life doesn’t prevent from liking the countryside rather than the city, from being interested in the Sumerian civilization, from being crazy about the soccer nor to find your neighbor charming. 

The real detachment, that of a well understood spirituality, is the awareness of what is essential and of what is not. Be the owner of a beautiful house, with a big garden is not a problem, a problem is when your happiness depends on this house. One day a flood can destroy it. Will find yourselves completely downcast and crying saying: " my life is over ! " ?

That is applicable for everything: an automobile, furniture, a social position. You can acquire these properties and take advantage of them but basing everything on them is the unconsciousness: all these things can be removed from you all at once. Possess the things but don’t let them possess you.

It is as sentimental love: this feeling is essential for the human-beings. When he is missing love he becomes crazy and goes out as an ember on which nobody blows.

But to depend on a person to have this love is dangerous! Imagine: this person leaves you letting with your love for her/him. This love made sterile becomes suffering. This position is dangerous. The fear of losing this love makes you jealous and ends up making it lose. 

In you there is inexhaustible source of satisfaction

How to reach the true detachment? 
Not by making the detachment a moral,
intellectual posture nor by trying hard. 
It comes when you found the source of the Peace 
and the Love inside you.
It is the purpose of the path. 

"The detachment opens the door of the Kingdom, the indifference closes it "
[Bhaktimàrga 1-5-12]