Sunday, February 19, 2017

Satsang: for what purpose all this ?

For what purpose all this ?

On the path, the purpose is to be centered 
as you possibly can the day long but for what purpose ? 
There is a purpose, a reason for all this. 
Beyond the Realization, there is a reason of being 
to your birth, on this Earth ! 
And this reason is the same 
for all the living beings 
beyond the individual goals.

In the eastern spiritualities, it is spoken about the samsàra, the liberation of its chains. But when you love the life, you have the Grace to live in a developed country and missing nothing essential, you aren’t keen of the liberation. However, in Truth, this life will have an end and its purpose is not only to live it.

The purpose of your existence 
is not only to live it

When you are born, it is not without reason. 
The purpose of you existence is not only to live it.
 If it would be only this, why would you be a human being, 
having hindsight, this intelligence and the free-will ? 
It would be enough to be an animal.

You are not here just to live. There is a purpose for your birth. One day you arrive, an other you go, between both there is a time room that is planned to do something specific : this is the purpose of your existence. As there is a Truth, good for everybody beyond the individual truths, there is a purpose to the life.

It is not only to build a house. It is crazy ! There is people whose goal is to build a house and they spend twenty or thirty years of their life to pay it in forthseeing of their old age. How many old people are spending their last days outside their house for which they consent so much sacrifices ? Then, what of these houses ? What of these years spent to pay them ? The purpose of the life is not to obtain a social satus. How many years lasts a career ? When you have been a lawyer, what are you when your are retired ? A retired lawyer ?

The purpose of the life, is it to marry and have children ? A child doesn’t stay a child, then ? What is the purpose of the life ? To work ? No : to work is a mean. To have an accomodation ? Of course, no !

There is a purpose for the life


There is a purpose for the life and the fact to stay centered all the day long participes to the fulfillment of this purpose. In the Bhaktimàrga (the book of the path), it is said verse 1-3-14 : "The reason of your life is to return to One in full Conscience and freedom ". By attending the inner Light, the day you will pass on the other side and where you will find it again, it won’t be unknow to you, you will feel confident. This is the purpose. The existence is the school for the passage.

 With the Conscience you recieved the free-will

With the Conscience you recieved the free-will. This essential freedom is consubstantial to your humanity. It is because of this essential freedom that the men doesn’t stay always in the beatitude, that he let the centrifugal force of the senses go out of it. If he would be obliged to stay in the beatitude, would he be free ? The freedom has a price and its price is the confusion, the absence of Conscience and of discernment.

The important thing 
is to live the present moment

The important thing is to live the present moment and to enjoy it, to be happy in the instant. All the ideas, the concepts that you can have about the life doesn’t help to enjoy the moment. To enjoy the moment you have to be aware of the moment and to do that you have the four revealed techniques of meditation, the Agya and the teaching of the living guide.

When you have received the four techniques 
and follow the Agya,
after a while you realise that 
when you are aware of the moment, you are happy, 
fulfill and when you are not is it the contrary, 
then you prefer to be in the Holy-Name.

That becomes your first motivation : to feel good. Your existence eases and become true. You don’t priorise any more the satisfaction of your desires. The Observance doesn’t require the impossible. Do according to your life. There are three degrees in the practice, for everybody the right one according to your desire, your need and your possibilities. It is necessary to practice regularly, this is the Constance. If you can meditate only half an hour every day, ok ! But do it every day. There is also the satsang of the blog in order to inspirate you and the guide to answer your questions.