Friday, February 24, 2017

The fulfillment

The fulfillment

The purpose of your living

You know it, you who are seeking or going on a spiritual path that the purpose of the living isn’t to live waiting to dye, nor to buy a house over 25 years and that you are not sure to be able to pay out and even if you can, you are not sure to live inside untill the end : so much older people have to live in medical residences, leaving their house empty.

You don’t set up in the existence as if you would stay for ever, aware of you impermanence and you turn your look inside you. A lot of people, sincerly attract from God’s love want to devote him their life and the way they found to do that is to follow the saint’s footsteps, no doing like them but taking inspiration in their virtues.

Getting closer to God

These persons are turned towards the others and are concerned with their problems, improving altruism and empathy. And more : they put the generosity, the fraternal sharing, the compassion above everything, confusing the consequences of the course and the path.

These generous persons are mistaken but that doesn’t diminish their virtues : not by being kind will get you closer to God but in getting closer to God you will become kind. When you explain to these seekers they have to turn their look inside them even to find the presence of this part of One that let us live, they reply : « don’t focus on yourself, selfishly, but towards you brothers…»

Isn’t it strange this binary thinking ? That means either turn inside in order to find One or turn towards your brothers ? Either the one or the other : either we have a propensity to turn ourselves towards the other and the spiritual research has nothing to do with that ; it is our nature, a good and nice nature and we follow our penchant. If we haven’t got this nature, it is useless pretending.

Turning towards the Peace

The important thing is to turn yourself where the divine part is the nearest of you. The nearest are not the others, the nearest is not the end of your noise, no : the nearest is inside you.

When you do this, you meet this divine part because it is there : inside you. When your Conscience meets this divine part that is inside you then you meet, at the same time, the divine part that is in other creatures, animals and vegetals. Don’t they have got the same divine part inside ? Aren’t they alive too ?

Compatible with the life in society

The path inwards is not incompatible with the life in society even with a strong social consciousness. There is the spiritual field, the individual one : we are born alone and we desembody alone, we take nobody with us, and there is the dharma (sacred duty) field that can, if we want, cover the world and its creatures.

You can be an activist for the preserving of the biodiversity, against the deforestation in Borneo or/and Amazonia. You can be activist for the justice around the world or, for a political party without forgetting the first reason of your coming on earth and if you have a social phobia or like solitude, then don’t push yourself : you can accomplish the reason of your birth.

''But let your first care be for his kingdom and his righteousness; and all these other things will be given to you in addition.'' [Matthew 6/33]

If it is necessary to think, and it is necessary, then think in sphere and not in circle…the thought is not an enemy when it is your Conscience that uses it in order to solve a problem refering to the dharma. The mind, the intelligence, the instruction are not enemies of the soul or brake to the spiritual life.

It is not cheese or dessert

Of course, when you sit in meditation, at this moment, it is not the time to cogitate… there is a time for everything. But when it is the Conscience, calmed by the communion with the inner Peace that is using the mind then the thought is not an enemy but a tool.

On the path, it is not cheese or dessert but chesse and dessert. Put everything back at its right place and don’t oppose what is not : materialism is not oppose to spirituality nor the body is opposed to the soul, either to turn towards the others is opposed to turn inwards where is the answer to all your questions and the solution to your biggest problem : to be without Him, an orphan lost in the existence.

There is people who devotes to the others and feels, doing it, a satisfaction that only this dedication can bring them. However, this dedication, as good as it is, won’t bring them the fulfillment of the purpose of their living. When we forget ourselves, in medition or in dedication, we feel the Peace, the true satisfaction, the Holy-Name, it is normal : he is inside us.

But to feel the Holy-Name is not enough to fulfill the reason of your living, no : you have to do it so much and so much that the Conscience become deeper. It is the purpose of the Path.

"Each incarnation gives to the soul a little bit more Conscience"
[Bhaktimàrga 1-2-14]