Friday, February 17, 2017

The beatitude

The beatitude

The beatitude is not only a word, it is a reality which every person can know daily in his life. You can know love for another person, feeling which submerges you so much that every gesture of her/him leaves you speechless.

You can be lying on the grass, in disregard of the danger, whereas a thunderstorm unwinds a symphony of drums, bass drums, cymbals, wind and rain, and stay so until its departure and get back on your feet drunk with emotion.

You can know the dawn in the middle of the woods. A light mist floats betweenthe trees and the cobwebs are full of dewdrops which are as diamonds. It rises, from heathers, a flavor of patchouly and a roe deer looks at you, a little farther. You don’t dare to move anymore and hardly to breathe.

You can sing bhajans in India, in the evening in the Satsang room of an ashram. The citare and the tablas playing and their music billows, among smokes of incense and humble shine of ghee lamps. Your soul, inflated as a balloon, rises with the notes and the perfumes.

It is possible to describe, in the infinity, magic moments of your life on Earth and making the existence as a tale for real ... nevertheless never any moment can bring so much Peace, satisfaction and Love as the Bliss. The Bliss is concentrated in the Meditation when we know how to do.

Then, the questions of religion, smaller or greater vehicle, reincarnation, karma and all these sorts of things seem to you vain. When we are in search of a treasure we devour tons of archives and travels thousands of kilometers. But when this treasure is found, when we have it at home, at arrangement, what would be of use the questions, rebus, riddles and the explorations for ?

The most wonderful is that everybody has this treasure inside him. What a pity to look for what you already have. You know what vanity means : what is vain, what is of no use. The human being is full of these vanities.

It is not forbidden to possess.
It is not forbidden to want to put a lot into the community life
nor to love another person, to have children with her/him.
It is not forbidden to be interested in the history of nations,
art, explorations, religions and old cults,
no more than in the cosmogony
but why not taking advantage of the Bliss ?

It is sad that you don’t enjoy it while it is so close to you, that it is inside you ! It is in the instant, it is the treasure. Do you so much want what the world offers you that you have no time to dedicate to the Bliss ?

"He who forgets himself unites with One in the bliss"
[Bhaktimàrga 2-5-29]