Sunday, February 5, 2017

The happiness is now

The happiness is now

It would be as to be seasick by staying on shore

There is in you such a sweetness, such a Peace as you should authorize nothing and no one to turn away from it. If all around people
are getting restless, speed you don't have to walk so fast.

"Go to the inner Kingdom ans stay in the most perfect Peace" [Bhaktimàrga 1-3-18]

There is inside you such a stability as it is enough you to meet it to be as stable as it. It is possible to stay in it as aboard a fearless vessel in the storm and to look, in complete safety, powerless waves going up.

They will not reach you as long as you will stay on board. Really the torments where the stormes plunge you are only a bad dream and nevertheless everything seems so true! And your suffering also. It is as a seasickness on shore.

Sometimes flashes of irritation come abruptly

Sometimes flashes of irritation come abruptly, as in a summer sky, to pull you outside the shelter, but don’t let them bully you. Sometimes you're upset because of something or of somebody. Every time you feel some incomprehension, some impatience, some frustration, some vanity, plunge again your attention, even more where the Peace stays. It is your inside.

There is really somebody, inside you, who likes getting excited

When we go at the rythm of the harmony, at the rythm of the Holy-Name, there is somebody, or something inside you who prefers to get excited but don’t pay attention to it. Let it run idle. It can shout, vituperate, be delirious, complain and try to entail you in the whirlwind of its nonsense, grant it no attention. Return to this inner stability which you know, you who had the Revelation of the four techniques, observe the Agya and find the Peace.

There is inside you a so beautiful Peace, so simple and so true

There is inside you a so beautiful, so simple and so true Peace as I wonder that so much of you are in a so deep sorrow. It is not only about those who live under bombs or under cruel authority, no: it is about people, as you, who have absolutely everything to be happy.

That doesn’t mean that they possess all we can dream about: luxurious house, powerful cars, swimming pool, high-tech devices, Swiss watches in complications etc. These unfortunate people often have a good health, the freedom, the affection of close relations and enough to satisfy their fundamental needs, nevertheless they have, in them, a permanent dissatisfaction, a sadness without reason.

The false-ego

This somebody, this something who lives at the bottom of you and hurt you is the absence of Conscience, the other side of your freedom: the false-ego.

"Only the one that the material pleasures do not attract any more, who is not any more a slave of his desires, who rejected any spirit of possession and who released himself from the false-ego, can know the perfect serenity ".
[Bhagavad-Gîtà Verset: 2.71]

You feed on all what crosses you

Everything bother you, everything impacts on you, you are sponges: you feed on all what crosses you, then goodbye the present moment, hello the past, the future and the confusion... if it is raining you say: " what a bad weather " and it begins raining in your spirit. But if you lived the moment, the happiness of being alive you could only produce thanks to your creator.

Don’t let any more the false-ego fool you, treat it by nothing but contempt. It is possible by the practice of the original-yoga.

"Evil has many names it is false-ego unconscience and the separator" [Bhaktimàrga 1-4-31]