Tuesday, February 14, 2017

the desires and the needs

the desires and the needs

The Peace

Really the Peace is the closest state to the real human nature. I would understand that you doubt it. Indeed the confusion, the doubt, the fear, the anger and the incomprehension seem better to characterize the human nature. Nevertheless, as unbelievable as it may sound, the state of inner-Peace is the bottom of the human nature.

To know the confusion, the doubt, the fear, the anger it is necessary to be active in the human society, to forge links, to interact. Whereas to live the inner-Peace ? and feel the Love it is enough to turn inwards. The inside is closer to you than the outside !

Few people live the Peace of mind. How to explain this paradox? The purpose of the path is not to explain, it is to offer the possibility of drinking to those who are thirsty of Conscience.

A confusion

Nevertheless it is a cause of sufferings about which it is necessary to speak: the confusion between the desires and the needs. Some let go themselves adrift on the ceaseless stream of their desires, hooked to the consumption as we are of narcotics, alcohol, tobacco and games. Those are not frustrated as long as they have the money necessary for the satisfaction of their dependence. For those who have no average, sufficient for the satisfaction of their desires, the frustration is there. Some put themselves in inextricable situations and all their existence is impacted.

Others go to the inverse excess: they deprive themselves of everything to reach a detachment which they consider convenient to their realization. Anchorites remain locked into hermitages. These deprivations let them sometimes live spectacular states of modified consciousness, but is all what is spectacular the sign of the Truth? Imagine that the devil exists…. you would consider it incapable to do miracles?

The justifiable needs

The essential needs have to be satisfied and they are of the dharma: by leaving of the postulate that "the body is God's temple" you have to treat it as well as the believers of the religions maintain their temples, mosques, synagogues and other churches.

"To meet your needs is dharma" [Bhaktimàrga 1-4-17]

The difference between need and desire

Distinguish needs and desires. It is possible to satisfy a need, not a desire: a desire chases away another. If you are keen to go on a way of the Truth, you will satisfy your needs, but will avoid the gearing of the desires.

You will have to choose

If you are thirsty of the true spirituality you will make a choice. The total abstinence, the frugality are not the poverty. The wild consumption doesn’t lead to the happiness. It is not a question of being lacking everything but just to go on the paths of One and to find the Peace and His Love there. Not to restrain the round of the desires prevents from finding the inner-Peace It is not matter of morality.

A rich would receive the Revelation of the four techniques of the original-yoga and would sit down in Meditation, he would live the inner-peace, because One offers himself to those who offer themselves. The problem is that he won’t ask for the Revelation. He has other centers of interest.

To be owner and to pay in cash your house doesn’t prevent from going inwards in order to find there the real Peace. It is not required to be a tenant of a suburb low-income or homeless. To have several delirious luxury houses, with heliport, swimming pool with cave, tennis court, which remain idle three quarters of the time is useless and counterproductive for the spiritual evolution: one cannot be spiritual and excessively materialistic : it is necessary to choose. The rich made their choise.