Friday, February 10, 2017

The happiness, an instinct of the soul

The happiness, an instinct of the soul

To live your life or to think about it

You always have the choice to live your life or to think about it. People believe to be in a spiritual approach because they study holy books to find there any knowledge. They say to themselves they are seekers.

A cookbook doesn’t calm down the hunger

Some, who are hungry, open cookbooks, read them and peel the recipes, every word, every ingredient. But a book doesn’t calm down the hunger. Everything, in the existence, doesn’t proceed of the reflection.

The mind is really a wonderful tool to think, but everything doesn’t proceed of the reflection. For example, the most cerebral of the lovers will have to let " speak - the animal " when the person he loves will tell him yes and there…. let us let the veil of the modesty cover this very natural scene but nevertheless intimate.

It is in the spirituality the same as in the love: it is necessary to let speak the instinct. As there are primary instincts, the human being has an upper instinct. The primary instincts you know them: survival, reproduction, property, territoriality. The upper instinct is this need of spirituality, of deepening the Conscience which often shows itself by the search for the happiness.

The things of the world

It is not in the material things that the need for happiness will be satisfied. By ignorance we confuse this upper instinct with others as the instinct of survival which urges to satisfy the fundamental needs, that to eat, to be safe, to drink, to sleep, to shelter.

This instinct of survival urges to look for the well-being connected to the satisfaction of these fundamental needs. But these satisfied needs don’t fill the thirst of spiritual depth and the dissatisfaction remains without us to know why and we continue to run the world and its pleasures.

"He who looks for the pleasures, the domination and the power is caught by the illusion " [Bhaktimàrga 1-4-44]

But this race is vain: it is not in the things of the world, so good they are that the fundamental need for happiness will be satisfied. Even love of the other human, spouse, children, friends, parents cannot satisfy this fundamental desire. These loves are beautiful and it is not vain to want them nor to live them, but they are not on the same level.

The only way to satisfy your thirst

The only way to satisfy your thirst of happiness is to go where the source of this happiness sinks. This happiness is spiritual: it proceeds of the soul.

It is necessary to satisfy this need for happiness, this thirst of peace which the soul bears in it. For that use your soul, not your mind. The mind is of another world, another dimension.

"There is in you all the Love and the Peace" [Bhaktimàrga 2-5-16]

The bookish knowledge is interesting but cannot be substituted by the one that gives the Conscience of the Bliss.

The man doesn’t exist on a single plane but on three: the material plane, the field of the body and of its needs and instincts, that of the mind, field of the thought, the concepts and the knowledge and that of the soul, the field of the felt and of the full Conscience. To neglect any of these planes would be an error.

The human being is whole and it is necessary for him to live with all his components. For the seekers interested in the bookish knowledge, he should more go towards the instinctive sensualism of the well understood spirituality. He has to understand, to commune with his deep nature where the mind cannot go.

You are all invited to share the happiness of being, simply.