Saturday, February 4, 2017

The man, this alienated

The man, this alienated

The human being is alienated and rare are the ones who manage to release themselves. Alienated in what ? In the image he has of himself and of the happiness. The human being is prisoner of concepts and of his desires. The society that he invented keeps him trapped. It urges him to possess without giving to him the means. Then if the price to pay, to acquire these goods, is the alienation to a system, he pays him.

"Stupid is the one who believes to be the guide of himself when he is the submitted subject of his desires his vanity and his concepts " [Bhaktimàrga 3-1-8]

The advertising executives, the kings of the marketing, the bankers, the politics claim to be able of perpetuating this plan which holds everything: it is necessary to work to be happy. But the work becomes scarce and has little value, then the race in the happiness becomes a challenge plunging so many people into the sorrow and the frustration: in the banquet of the happiness they are not invited.

The material happiness

The materialistic happiness is the stake in a fool's bargain: the money calls the money and the happiness of poor people has no more the slightest importance. The money is self-sufficient to itself and to its collectors.

People who have no other purpose than to reach the materialistic dreams dive into a bottomless despair when the prices, ceaselessly increasing, take them away from it without being able to do anything approach it.

To release yourself from the lie and from the despair

How do you release yoursself from this lie and from this despair ? How do you leave the boxes where you are locked ? There is in you a door towards the freedom.

It is here about the freedom of the real detachment which is not the refusal to possess nor of the enjoyment, but the attachment in something else: the Truth. This Truth frees. It is its job. The purpose of the original-yoga is to free you.