Wednesday, February 8, 2017

There is a reason, a purpose

The human being is not the fruit of imbecile energy that would have been delirious. All the Creation has a purpose. In all things and in every human being lives the same energy. The believers give to it the name: God. This name is worth an other one, even

There is a reason, a purpose

A so big force !
God has no name which can be pronounced.
Others give it other names.
God is not a man living in the sky
and tilted on the humanity
distributing it good and bad points. 

"The Humanity, the Earth and the sky live by the Grace of One, 
But One exists by Himself "
 [Bhaktimàrga 1-1-48]

In the macrocosm, in the star systems, the nebulas, in the "space" which separates them, as in the space between the core of the atom and its electrons, there is the same energy, this energy which the physicists pursue by means of huge cyclotrons, this energy exists and it lives in you as in all things. 

We settle down for ever


The human being consumes, consumes and still consumes material goods, when he can, love which he often confuses with sex, nevertheless he does not find long-lasting satisfaction and the desires take the management of his existence. He lives his life as if he had to stay there for ever. He runs after a career, wishes to buy a house, gets into debt then becomes older, sick, bitter and frustrated.

When we are poor we can hope that once rich we shall be happy, but when we are very rich and not happy, what shall we do ? We joins in the upholders of the cabbala, the Scientology ? We are involved in saving the planet, what shall we do ?

It is necessary to assume

To have a good job, good income, a house, a family 
is not a bad thing but there is something more important to do with our life: 
to realize the cause of our coming, 
to reach the real detachment and to assume our dharma. 

What proceeds of the dharma are things as: working, living in couple, getting children, being useful for the others, not hurting, respecting the laws, the habits and customs of the community, getting involved for worthwhile causes etc. But to do these things shouldn’t let forget the first cause of our coming. 

We are not in one block 


You have inside you numerous bodies, on different planes. There is a human body, which was born, which grows, ages, then dies. It is your terrestrial vehicle, with its sensors to percieve the physical world. These sensors of the body are the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the sense of touch, the sense of smell, the taste. Then there is a mind, which is the operating system of your brain. 


"The mind leads the body and the soul to dream, to feel the beauty of the Creation"
[Bhaktimàrga 1-2-21]

There is your soul which generates the subtle senses, as the talent of the artists, the love, the compassion, the generosity, the hope, etc. The soul is your true person subjected to the cycle of the incarnations.

The important thing in the life

The important thing, in this life is, while assuming as good as possible your dharma, to look inside you for the door which opens towards the freedom, somewhere else, beyond the karma, beyond the cycle of the incarnations, the duality, the pain and the vanity. 

"The evil has so many names, it is false-ego, unconsciousness, evil and the separator "
[Bhaktimàrga 1-4-31]

You have inside you an ally, the Holy-Name or Verb. There is also an intruder, the false-ego, the aberration of the ego caused by the absence of conscience at the same time as its counterpart according to God's will (Lilà1).

The human-being is incapable to fight against the vanity, the duality, the doubt and the suffering. Is the ant able of diverting the course of the cannonball on which it is put and which is thrown by a cannon ? The Grace that flows in him is needed all the time. To put yourself under the Grace it is necessary to go to the place where it flows. This place is here and now and the purpose of the original yoga, the path is to give you tools to go and see there and to remain there.

1/Lilà, God's game.