Monday, February 6, 2017

The purpose of our yoga

The purpose of our yoga

The anger touches only you

In the life it happens, inevitably, problems and each problem requires to be settled in a particular way. For example: when your car breaks down it is never the good moment. There is no good moment to find yourself stopped on the roadside because of a breakdown. There is certainly a solution: if you have a smartphone and a connexion, you call your assistance for help. If you have no smartphone, you look for a house which will let you use their phone.

Of course this breakdown is annoying: you went back from shopping, you have frozen products in your bags and the children are alone at home. The breakdown mechanic will be there only in forty five minutes. Thus this problem is annoying and generates important inconveniences, but well ... What should you do ? It is the principle of reality: you have to live with it. There is no other choice.

Then there are several possibilities: either you curse, you are angry and the victim of your anger, or you don’t get excited and enjoy your life because you are always alive and able of enjoying it. The breakdown of the car deprived nothing to you: just you will be an hour late.

Then either you have a cool temperament, a philosopher and master of your mood and you opt for the second solution, or not and you need a way not to be overflowed by the anger and the frustration.

This example to tell you that there are numerous occasions where the contrariety, the anger and the frustration will come to shake the surface of your mood. This agitation plunges you into a bigger ill-being that the arisen problem and lasts longer.

The suffering of the soul

Sometimes, often, we don’t feel well and we don’t know why: we may enumerate what happens in our life we don’t find objective causes for this ill-being. It is deep and out of reach of our reason. Then we consult a doctor who will prescribe an anxiolytic which will become another problem.

There is a suffering of the soul deprived of this Peace because of a bad positioning of the Conscience.

The purpose of the path

It is the purpose of the path, proposed here, to give you the means to reposition your attention at the right place. It is not a recent invention. We find traces in others yoga, as those of the Trimàrga and the raja-yoga. It is not a recent assembly which would have took certain things here and others there. The raja-yoga has common references with the path, but in its practice it is very different. That is why our path doesn’t bear this name. The " original-yoga " is not yoga.

The original-yoga of the path of freedom is the yoga which inspired the Sàmkhya’s school. Once again the yoga is not what you believe.

The path gives you four techniques of Meditation and a practice, the Agya, which possesses three feet in order to be done throughout the day, through your everyday life. There are four degrees of practice according to the place which you want to give to the spirituality in your life, as you seek for a better being or more Conscience or to live under the "sight" of God.

"He who aims at the Liberation must stay in the Holy-Name. He must live quietly, defeat the mind, free of all desires and attachments". [Bhaktimàrga 2-3-42]