Sunday, March 19, 2017

Science vs spirituality

Often we opposit science and spirituality. The students make the dichotomy between the sciences qualified of exact and the letters, the philosophy, the human-sciences. The spirituality is put by the sceptics in the same drawer as the religion with its inexplicable miracles and its turnkey dogmae. The believer is asked to believe thoughtlessly for fear that in the test of the intelligence some fragile certainties come to collapse.

By practising the original yoga, the experience, the discernment come. This experience is not afraid of the science. The science is not oppose to the spirituality. There is, in the universe, a force in action, a so perfect force as it is impossible it has no intention. 

Pràna and aura

Two important subjects, in spirituality, could have some explanation by a scientific reflection, but would they lose, however, their spiritual justifications? For example the pràna:

"Pràna is a Sanskrit term. The meaning of this name integrates simultaneously the notions of breath, vital principle of the breath and of its organic demonstration in the breath. Who thinks of inhaling breath of life express the word pràna ". [Wikipedia]. 

If you analyze the etymology of the french word ''âme'' (soul), you will see that its Greek and Hebraic roots, which are Nèphèsh (for the Hebrew) and Psukhê (for the Greek) gives the french words "respirer" (to breathe) or "respirant" (an inhaling). The soul would thus be the substance which breathes, making of the man and the animal beings which breathe. 

You know that the word pràna, meaning breath or breathing,
is, according to some, the universal vital energy which fills everything 
and which the human beings absorb by the air they inhale. 
But to conclude that from it the pràna is the oxygen contained in the air 
there is only a step that the elders could not make 
in a time where this element, the oxygen, was unknown 
but where we guessed it 
in the yogic exercises of the prànàyàma. 

It should be noted that when we inspire some pure oxygen it has as effect to make euphoric. Why should we make a dichotomy between the spirituality and the physical phenomena and put in opposition the things of the soul and those of the physical world? Everything was create by the same energy contained in all things and if the pràna was the oxygen what would deprive it of ? Everything is bound and the Creation is the Lord's work. 

Take the word "esprit" (spirit), its Latin origin gives spiritus derived of Spirare, that is to blow or breath. This root also gave the words to inspire and to expire. Spiritus is the translation of the Greek pneuma. Does this let you think about something ?


Take now the aura 

"The aura is a concept of the esotericism and the New Age. The term indicates a colored outline, as a halo of light, which would shine around the body or around the head of a living being and which would be the demonstration of a field of energy or a vital force ". [Wikipedia]. 

Pictures, in the infrared spectre, of the warm-blooded human beings, let see like an aura. Any energy activity causes a reheating which we can see on these pictures and each person emits a halo of heat bound to the activity of this energy which let him be alive. Then the aura ? Infrared spectre of the vital energy ?

This vital energy is physical and spiritual, everything is bound. There is no dichotomy between the spiritual and the physical appearances; everything is a manifestation of One. The science is not an enemy of the spirituality. 

"One and His Name are the source of the world, the Knowledge leads to the unit "
[Bhaktimàrga 2-1-1]